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  1. Not sure I am doing the math right, but dimensions would be at least 144x65x64 mm or 168x70x84 mm depending on the size of cells. Perhaps an OPE dedicated battery platform?
  2. As long as their model names are the same, I would not expect much of a difference performance wise. Blueprints are mostly the same and they must comply with the specifications on the product sheet, you should not expect less than advertised. Even durability doesn't obey a straight logic, it has a lot to do with the quality of the various parts used for assembling the final product. There can be good and problematic series, you can never tell.
  3. stefcl100

    Swapping blades

    Have you checked the manual? I attached the relevant pics.
  4. After the incident, did you inform somebody at Dewalt? I guess they might be interested to learn more about the circumstances, exact tool model etc...
  5. Certainly, I saw that this can be achieved with most Greenworks clones. But considering the high cost of batteries, I am not sure It's worth sacrifying warranty, unless the tool line gets discontinued.
  6. According to a local dealer, EGO and Honda batteries were not compatible despite being pure clones. Honda HRX/Twincut design and EGO batteries would have been a nice combo. I wonder why so many manufacturers targeting the EU market settle for 36/40 volt systems (toro, stihl, husqvarna, honda...).
  7. A couple of years ago, Honda started selling a 56 volt battery system manufactured by Chervon (the chinese group that makes EGO). For some unknown reasons, this 56 volt battery line has never been extended beyond the limited initial offering and looks pretty much outdated and abandoned. While browsing a german dealer site, I was surprised to notice a 46cm (19") mower based on a brand new 36 volt platform, along with a brushcutter, hedge trimmer and blower. Available battery sizes are 4, 6 and 9 ah. Altough none of these new tool seems particularly impressive on paper (except perhaps for the high price tag), it's interesting to see more and more high-end brands investing into battery OPE.
  8. Put aside some of the entry-level stuff for stamp-sized lawns, you still seem to get a lot more, and at a much, much more reasonable price. There are some noticeable difference though, the european version of the 21" plastic mower has a brushless motor and comes equipped with the high lift blade by default. A nicer package, except perhaps for the fact that you are asked to pay 2.5 times the price for it. 😀 Yes, from our side of the world it feels like you guys are only paying for batteries and receive the tools for free.... Just disgusting 😭 Perhaps one day, they'll start wondering why nobody is buying EGO stuff. That brand is invisible here. You don't even know it exists unless you spend tons of time browsing tool websites (like I do). At dealers (since it's only available there) showrooms are filled with costly Stihl/Honda/Husqvarna/Echo tools, sometimes you'll notice an EGO paper catalog laying around near the cash register. You ask about it, they tell you it's just chinese slave-made plastic junk for green hippies, and that, for the same price, you can buy high-end gas equipment from reputable pro-brands, made of durable metal parts. Moreover, they are serviceable and that can serve you for at least 10 years, will your battery last that much? How much does it cost to replace it? Oh only 400$. As much as I love EGO tools, their strategy to sell only at dealers, aligning their prices with top commercial brands, is laughable. Greenworks/Powerworks is doing a better a job in this area.
  9. The dual blade system looks inspired by Honda / versamow. Hopefully, it will address some of the top criticizm against EGO (not-so-good mulching performance and lack of suction). I hope this model will be available on the european market (many EGO tools are not). The other problem is that the EGO brand is mostly sold at dealers (like Stihl / husqvarna), so you pay crazy premium prices for homeowner grade tools (catalog price of is the brushless 21" mower with 7.5ah battery is 1200$, 15" trimmer costs 300$ without battery etc...), they are never on sale and there is of course no right of return. Btw, it seems that there will be many decent mower options on the market in 2020, that new EGO, greenworks 60v gen 2, toro recycler 60v, craftsman by b&d, just to name a few.
  10. I'd take the other approach: 9ah or 12ah can be an option for existing equipment, they absolutely don't have to be the primary choice for every type of tool. I believe that customers are smart enough to decide which size of battery makes sense on which tool. Those using larger OPE or vacuum cleaners may benefit from extra runtime beyond the current 110-120wh limitation, those using the sub-compact series are free to stick to 1.5-3ah. Other brands did a nice job (imho) with Flexwolt/multivolt systems, and nobody is forcing people to buy the larger Flexvolt batteries if they are happy with smaller XR packs. From all the possible routes, Makita chose the one that offered the least in terms of backward compatibility, let's hope that this choice will also come with some advantages (better motors?). Fair enough, but if the questionable absence of larger LXT batteries is going to be used as the main selling argument for XGT, some people will be (legitimately) upset.
  11. I was surprised to learn that a LXT x4 mower has been announced (in fact it's 2x18v * 2 but still).... From the same people who are telling you that 18v / 9ah wouldn't make sense...
  12. Is there any tool range comparable to Makita LXT in terms of size? Ryobi One+ perhaps? It may even make more sense for homeowners like me but I am not willing to be reasonable.. (.. or smart 😊).
  13. I share most of that feeling, different battery platforms can co-exist. On the other hand, I had hoped that XGT would offer some kind of one-way backward compatibility. Dewalt and Hikoki have done a good job in this regard with their Flexvolt/Multivolt systems. I am now hoping that 21700 cells will find their way to LXT, ideally sooner than later. I wouldn't want XGT to be the only option for capacities beyond 100 wh. Larger tools from the Makita OPE line can certainly benefit from a couple of extra ah.
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