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  1. I checked the flexvolt chainsaw manual and the only directives for long term storage are to keep the battery pack fully charged in a dry and cool place, out of the charger. There is no mention about the need of regular recharge, I wonder if this is an assumption based on their experience with previously defective packs or an actual recommendation from Dewalt.
  2. I'd be interested to know the definitive answer too but I am 98% sure that it is not the case. He probably just copied the description text of the greenworks 40v chainsaw. Greenworks 82/80/60/40/24 batteries have a lot of clones (kobalt, powerworks, cramer, briggs and stratton, stiga, masport, victa), all manufactured by Globe tools group. Despite looking exactly the same, sharing the same design and coming from the same factory, they are not compatible among brands. Well that's not entirely true, In fact they are, but you can't insert a Kobalt battery in a Greenworks tool and vice versa unless you start grinding the guiding rails. If even blatant clones are designed to be incompatible, I would not expect any out-of-the-box compatibility between Greenworks and Dewalt.
  3. Can you post a link to the models you are considering? Or at least name the brand you are referring to?
  4. stefcl100

    Dewalt outdoor

    I guess he is referring to the GBB 700, which is part of their so-called "commercial" 82v platform. Greenworks is a world champion in terms of incompatible battery systems, I hope Dewalt will not go down that route.
  5. Because they read reviews and watch videos that tend to prove otherwise? 🤔
  6. Hello, I noticed that every greenworks tool I come across on Amazon has this warning message It is also present on their official US site with even less information. https://www.greenworkstools.com/shop-by-tool/mowers/21-inch-self-propelled-brushless-lawn-mower And at Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Greenworks-20-Inch-40V-G-MAX-Cordless-Lithium-Ion-2-in-1-Twin-Force-Lawn-Mower-Batteries-Included-25302/37468338 But I could not find any detail or explanation, does anyone know more?
  7. The tools have not yet been announced but the PDF catalog has already been updated to its 2019 version. https://egopowerplus.co.uk/sites/default/files/2018-12/42788_UK_EGO Trade Bro_A4_96pp_2019_AW_LR-compressed_0.pdf Among the recent additions : New options for the multi tool system (cultivator, short hedge trimmers) Two smaller mowers adapted to small yards (46cm and a SP variant), but nothing with dual battery option yet A new blower that replaces the 5750, 5800E (probably the european version of the US model that has been released last year) A standalone trimmer (ST1530E) with more RPM (7000), less vibration and counter-clockwise rotation compared to the ST1500. (could in fact correspond to the multi-tool with trimmer attachment) A standalone trimmer with powerload head, ST1510E, no mention of a carbon fiber shaft A professional trimmer with a D grip. 12v grass shears (introduction of a new compact battery system?)
  8. Since you are looking for a vertical crankshaft engine (gxXXX without "v" are all horizontal), I don't think there is any option beside the gxv160. Is the kawasaki option a FJ180v? If so, that's a very respectable choice too.
  9. Explains why DUC252z is on sale at the local shop. They are probably clearing old stock.
  10. Quite frankly, I don't remember if it was 54v, 58v or 56v, at some point the rumor said it would be somewhere around ~60. Anyway, it's something bigger than X2. Sure, but I really like to idea of being able to power a 18v drill, a 36v chainsaw and a couple of high demanding OPE tools such as a 54v SP mower or a large backpack blower with the same batteries. Requiring as many as 6 or 8 packs for continuous operation might be difficult to sell, but having access to the wide range of 18v and 36v tools could compensate for that.
  11. Are there other hints that Makita could release a X4 platform? Earlier this year, a Makita rep told me about a new tool factory being built in Germany and a new platform in the 50-100v range, which I thought would correspond to the 58v mentioned by Kornomaniac. Could that new platform be X4? It seems that Makita keeps releasing X2 tools, (the DLM461z mower among other). With 4 slots chargers being released by other brands, could that make sense?
  12. Are you happy with the mulching performance? I have got the LB5750 blower and the EGO power head, love them. I found the ST-150X trimmer disappointing, you are not missing anything imho.
  13. Which kind of new battery can we expect? Something in the 18v range with larger potential? perhaps an equivalent to the bosch "core"? Or the rumored 50-60v platform dedicated to OPE?
  14. stefcl100

    2x20V lawn mower

    Stanley "dirt monkey" posted a very negative review video of the Dewalt 2x20 mower on youtube. Perhaps his testing conditions are a bit extreme for this category of tool. Can't find information anywhere about this new Makita mower. Can you give a link?
  15. Hurrah, the 18v chainsaw (DUC254Z) is finally arriving! Somebody on a Dewalt topic mentioned a Makita brushless mower with metal deck, is there any information about that?
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