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  1. I was surprised to learn that a LXT x4 mower has been announced (in fact it's 2x18v * 2 but still).... From the same people who are telling you that 18v / 9ah wouldn't make sense...
  2. Is there any tool range comparable to Makita LXT in terms of size? Ryobi One+ perhaps? It may even make more sense for homeowners like me but I am not willing to be reasonable.. (.. or smart 😊).
  3. I share most of that feeling, different battery platforms can co-exist. On the other hand, I had hoped that XGT would offer some kind of one-way backward compatibility. Dewalt and Hikoki have done a good job in this regard with their Flexvolt/Multivolt systems. I am now hoping that 21700 cells will find their way to LXT, ideally sooner than later. I wouldn't want XGT to be the only option for capacities beyond 100 wh. Larger tools from the Makita OPE line can certainly benefit from a couple of extra ah.
  4. Yes you are probably right, the total will reach "250" in 2020, sounds more realistic... The difference in meaning was not so clear in the translated text.
  5. I have just read a FAQ regarding SGT on makita.be, here's what comes out: 1) When asked about the competition offering 9ah and 12ah battery packs, they answer that 18v 12ah batteries would be technically possible, but heavier, bigger, slower to charge and more expensive than their equivalent XGT counterpart. They are talking about 0,7 and 1 kilogram for their 2.5ah and 4ah version respectively. The 2.5ah can be fully charged in 28 minutes. According to them, their 40v 2.5ah weighs just a bit more than their 18v 5ah battery and less than any 18v / 9ah option currently on the market. 2) The XGT charger will require an adapter to charge LXT batteries. 3) They will keep releasing new LXT 36 volts tools, they are aware that a lot of customers are already equipped with 18 volt batteries and definitely can't ignore this fact. They still think that XGT 40v would nicely complement LXT for the most demanding tools. original article (in french ) http://www.makita.be/actualite/avec-xgt-makita-lance-une-plate-forme-daccus-orientee-vers-lavenir-.html?allowCookies=1
  6. They are talking about 250+ new LXT tools in 2020. I guess we can probably forgive a couple of useless / ridiculous ones among those, don't ya think 😎?
  7. Newer versions with 4 batteries should arrive soon, this time with a self-propelled option.
  8. Is there any official statement from Makita regarding the 6ah limitation of LXT?
  9. Some people have noticed a gap between the two batteries pack on some recent x2 tools, this might explain why... Could that also be the new OPE battery platform that Makita representatives have been talking about for years?
  10. It's not particular to Slovenia, all these tools use Makita's european naming scheme. Most of the tools listed in bold have "brushless" motors that make them superior options compared to their older "brushed" counterparts.
  11. I checked the flexvolt chainsaw manual and the only directives for long term storage are to keep the battery pack fully charged in a dry and cool place, out of the charger. There is no mention about the need of regular recharge, I wonder if this is an assumption based on their experience with previously defective packs or an actual recommendation from Dewalt.
  12. I'd be interested to know the definitive answer too but I am 98% sure that it is not the case. He probably just copied the description text of the greenworks 40v chainsaw. Greenworks 82/80/60/40/24 batteries have a lot of clones (kobalt, powerworks, cramer, briggs and stratton, stiga, masport, victa), all manufactured by Globe tools group. Despite looking exactly the same, sharing the same design and coming from the same factory, they are not compatible among brands. Well that's not entirely true, In fact they are, but you can't insert a Kobalt battery in a Greenworks tool and vice versa unless you start grinding the guiding rails. If even blatant clones are designed to be incompatible, I would not expect any out-of-the-box compatibility between Greenworks and Dewalt.
  13. Can you post a link to the models you are considering? Or at least name the brand you are referring to?
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