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  1. stefcl100

    20v Max Inflator

    Please forgive me in advance if my question sounds ridiculous, I am absolutely not familiar with this kind of tool. I understand that it's not exactly one of those big corded compressors with 200 liter tanks, but would it still be possible to use it with a blow gun for cleaning stuff, for example a mower deck?
  2. After having changed my mind 50 times between Makita, Husqvarna, Stihl and Ego, I finally decided to invest in Ego, starting with the LB5750 blower and ST1500 trimmer, along with a 6ah battery. I am very satisfied with the blower, the trimmer is nice and silent but its cutting power suffers a bit in comparison with my gas powered Husqvarna 525 LK. It took me about 25% more time than usual to finish the trimming job.
  3. Yes, Honda's variants are available in my country too, they are surprisingly low-priced compared to their Ego equivalent. I even considered buying them but unfortunately, Honda's line doesn't seem to receive a lot of attention, the offered models are not exactly outdated but slowly aging, still no mower, no recent blowers, no multi tools, and available battery capacity is limited to 4ah. I have been visiting Honda's website regularly during the past months but I have not found any announcement regarding an extension of their battery line in 2018. I find it a bit surprising, at times when other major manufacturers are actively reinforcing their battery OPE offering.
  4. stefcl100

    2x20V lawn mower

    Indeed, sorry guys, just realized I misread the technical data
  5. stefcl100

    2x20V lawn mower

    Are you sure? I am not familiar with US units, but I thought one acre should be somewhere in the 4000-4100 m2 range?
  6. Kaercher is well known for cleaning devices and pressure washers, during a visit to a local shop I noticed that they also have a battery OPE range : https://www.kaercher.com/uk/professional/park-city-solutions/leaf-blower-pack-gb-96217740.html https://www.kaercher.com/uk/professional/park-city-solutions/cs-330-bp-14421110.html https://www.kaercher.com/uk/professional/park-city-solutions/kaercher-ht-615-bp-14421130.html The battery is 50v rated, but like most of the lineup, it looks like a rebranded Ego 56v.
  7. stefcl100

    Makita vs EGO Surprise

    Is your decision to sell your Ego stuff based on tools quality or is it more about... let's say... battery consistency ? (sorry, non-english speaker)
  8. stefcl100

    Makita vs EGO Surprise

    @Jronman You are referring to their DUX60 (or XUX01Z in the US), a very interesting system indeed. However, I remember watching a review on youtube where the guy praised it for its power and high RPM but was slighly disappointed by runtime (only 20 mins with two 5 ah packs). He also claimed that the previous 36v string trimmer from makita used to last twice as much in comparison. I have yet to read other reviews confirming this.
  9. stefcl100

    Makita vs EGO Surprise

    It was a great review and I enjoyed reading it. No doubt that Ego makes great tools, but with so many OPE review videos on youtube being riddled with comments such as "It's crap, go buy an Ego" or "I am happy with my Ego" coming from their very enthusiastic (and sometimes slightly annoying) user community, it is doubly sane to hear opinions going against the flow.
  10. Not really surprising, a lot of not so legal stuff can be found on Ebay or Amazon, think of all these super cheap windows or office CD keys that are sold without any certificate. Sometimes they come from sellers having tons of positive reviews. Are you using some? Put aside the ideological aspect, I am a bit reluctant to use battery packs from unknown brands, mainly for safety reasons.
  11. stefcl100

    Makita vs EGO Surprise

    Good point, I tend to forget hedge trimmers as they are not on my personal shopping list.
  12. stefcl100

    Makita vs EGO Surprise

    Having read a lot of reviews from various sources in different languages and countries, my current opinion is that you can't go wrong with Makita X2, they offer good-to-excellent options in almost every OPE tool category. Only the mower offering seems to be (seriously) lagging behind compared to newer models from the competition (brushed motor, no self propelled option).... But I read on previous threads that the mower is not on your top list anyway. That being said, choosing a battery platform is a tough question. For my part, I have been changing my mind every two weeks since months and haven't settled yet.
  13. stefcl100

    Ego Snowblower and Mower Question

    I did some research about battery-operated snow blowers a few months ago and found that answer on the Ego community forum: The post does not come from an Ego representative but is tagged "official", so I guess somebody from EGO approved it. Disclaimer: I do not own the tool
  14. stefcl100

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Greenworks 82v and the newest Oregon mowers have it. It's also found on the EGO, but barely usable according to reviews (even the cheerladers absolute fans from the official community forums admit it). I suspect that from a marketing standpoint, offering a mulching mode and telling people that they don't have to dispose of the clippings sounds more appealing, even if the actual mulching performance is less good than advertised (or so bad that it is actually damaging your yard if you are cutting more than 3 millimeters).
  15. As a consequence of multiple brands being owned by the same companies or manufactured in the same factories, it has become quite common to find tools from different brands sharing the same look and technical specs, differing only on their colors (or only on the printed logo in some cases). Nevertheless, the case of Greenworks sounds a bit extreme to me. Almost every 80v/82v battery system you can find on google can be reasonably suspected to be a Greenworks clone. Just to name a few : Stiga (80v) Kobalt (80v) Alpina (80v) Gardol (80v, 60v, possibly 40v) Miogarden (80v) Powerworks (82v, 60v) Cramer (82v) Craftsman (40v, unconfirmed) Mountfield (80v) Snapper (80v, 60v) Atco (80v) Some only have the mower and blower, while some seem to offer the complete line, including a few unique variants. Can we really trust products that are available under 5 different names in a same country?