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  1. ToolBane


    The simple ability to aim these lights where you need to work makes them extremely useful. And when you already have the batteries it just adds yet more convenience.
  2. I think this new one is a 6.5” blade. Which is still a lot of general utility, really. Their current 6.5” (which is quite new, really) not having a slider is kinda limiting.
  3. I wouldn’t expect it terribly soon as the current models are relatively recent releases themselves
  4. It’s an interesting ergonomic approach. The videos I’ve seen of it suggest the power it has is legit though.
  5. ToolBane

    X2 miter and XL06

    Not yet, although you never know when one could be announced... https://www.homedepot.com/b/Tools-Power-Tools-Saws-Miter-Saws/DEWALT/Hybrid/N-5yc1vZc2d7Z4j2Z1z0m3yr
  6. Now that’s interesting. Is it a corded model? Sometimes I think they pay so much attention to cordless that they forget what their own corded tools even are anymore. Browsing miters recently I came across what looked like my exact Dewalt miter, even though I bought mine almost a decade ago. Sorry no one happens to have an answer for you.
  7. ToolBane

    X2 miter and XL06

    Well if you won’t do anything but 10”... And you won’t do anything that doesn’t do both batteries and corded... I’m pretty sure you only have one option: https://www.toolsofthetrade.net/power-tools/cordless-tools/cant-get-it-yet-cordless-slide-miter-saw_o I have no personal frame of reference with this particular company, but some around here have been impressed with their newish 36V system so far.
  8. ToolBane

    X2 miter and XL06

    The latest model is actually the 12” which I haven’t yet noticed available in the US yet. That’s what I’m waiting to get ahold of. Probably not much reason to fret about not being able to run corded. The Dewalt 12” according to some has a noticeable difference in performance when run via batteries vs a power cord. I’d rather just have the tool optimized for whichever than spend the extra for an extra power option that doesn’t run as well. If an outlet’s available, just charge your batteries.
  9. Actually if I have this right, it was because the (now essentially defunct) 14.4V tool batteries could also be charged on that charger. Presumably their thinking was to keep things open to the possibility that more platforms would all use the same charger. So it’s basically a legacy feature that’s ended up largely unused.
  10. The electronics may be smart enough to charge anything spanning that voltage range, but the physical interface isn’t there to do anything with it. Perhaps Makita could have made things even easier for everyone and just made a $20 attachment, but they didn’t. Such would probably introduce other issues like cooling vs venting during charging and such.
  11. It doesn’t. In the product description it explicitly states it only charges sequentially. But that’s perfectly fine in my book, as I seldom need to charge more than one battery at a time anyway. The primary boon to me is fewer outlets and less work space taken up with chargers and tangled wire. Also, it’s rapid charging for both platforms is particularly relevant for CXT. While Makita’s default LXT charger is quick, their default CXT charger is annoyingly slow. They have a quick charger available but it’s never included in any kits; you can only buy it separately. Purchasing this particular charger on the other hand is killing two birds with one stone.
  12. As is typical for the HD webpage, it’s appearing out-of-stock, but at least it’s there. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later. I’d like to clean up my charging area.
  13. ToolBane

    Kind of cool!

    Wow that’s a cool option going forward for companies using slide packs on their 12V tools instead of pods that go in the handle.
  14. I’m glad you caught that I hadn’t even noticed
  15. Which impact wrench? This isn’t something I would know precisely but 1.5Ah is likely to be not be “compatible” with any of the stronger ones. Although you can almost always simply remove a tab somewhere to allow the pack to slide in and the tool will run. That voids the warranty on the battery (if still even applicable) and the tool may not perform as high as the manufacturer ratings.
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