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  1. ToolBane

    What tools did you buy today?

    Then this was on closeout. Mostly I “need” the drill, but a couple extra batteries, an extra brushless impact, and charger for barely more than the bare tool was hard to turn down.
  2. ToolBane

    What tools did you buy today?

    I won’t even be needing this for a few months at least but HD having a sale right now wasn’t a bad incentive
  3. ToolBane


    Exactly, the power coming out of your wall is going to be the same either way Also if everyone had to buy a separate charger on top of everything else it just makes Flexvolt look even more like an entirely different platform than it already is
  4. ToolBane

    wingless' DeWalt DCD991P2 20V Max XR Drill Kit

    Your daughter having cordless tools before you reminds me a little too much of the old couple mocking my flip phone -sent by my iPhone
  5. ToolBane


    If you weren’t already aware, avoid storing lithium batteries fully charged for any significant length of time
  6. ToolBane

    What will Makita come out with next?

    This implementation as they described wouldn’t necessarily be badged “X4” though...since it’s series-parallel the operating voltage will still be 36V. Have to wonder if that also means you could run it still with just two batteries. Hmm...
  7. ToolBane

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Funny how they did that ending. Makita’s totally being a tease but I like it.
  8. ToolBane

    What will Makita come out with next?

    I could see the benefit of X4 for things like lawn mowers but batteries with more than 6Ah should be a higher priority
  9. ToolBane

    What tools did you buy today?

    Got this to be my cordless option for Dremel-type applications. Specs pretty close to the die grinder for $50 less and comes with a 1/8” collet out of the box, so we’ll see how it does.
  10. I have noticed they could mark their levers better (which direction is lock or unlock) just so people don’t forget which way is which if they haven’t used the tool in a few
  11. ToolBane

    What will Makita come out with next?

  12. ToolBane

    AWS Tools

    I think I agree with that sentiment as far as the overall market is concerned...even though I thoroughly plan on getting a dedicated AWS-compatible vac when I get around to picking up the plunge and miter saws
  13. ToolBane

    AWS Tools

    Will be really neat to see what other applications for AWS will come up as they develop it
  14. Sadly I do. I remember having a LOT of arguments with electrical engineers back then playing with cold fusion tubs in their living rooms who were convinced they were going to figure out how to make cold fusion work. I don’t even know where to begin with everything that’s wrong with that scenario. Anyone with a reasonably solid science background could immediately see through that so the science community never took any of it seriously. But no one listens to actual scientists anyway for some reason, least of all the media, so... The hurdles involved with solid state batteries however are much more reasonable to overcome. Still just speculating, but roughly a decade away...I think that’s plausible.