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  1. Eh...don’t feel bad. I’ve done the same thing as a mainly-Makita guy. Although there ARE a few tools I think Makita would do well to get serious about introducing, I can’t knock them for not bothering with a glue gun or a mattress inflator. Now that I’m on the Ryobi platform I’m not bothered having the option to go with them for tools I know won’t be used regularly. As a guy that wants to see a good provider of quality tools continue to be successful, sure I’d rather have a Makita option a decent amount of the time. But that’s their choice not to provide it. I hope they don’t bite themselves i
  2. ToolBane


    I’m surprised to see a dust collector attachment even has the ability to contact the blade at all...quite strange. But congratulations on getting the thing working. It’s a very nice piece of gear in my opinion.
  3. ToolBane


    There is nothing complicated or magical about using this saw, I have the 12” cordless and it’s as simple to turn on as you expect any miter saw to be. You either have gotten a dud or something didn’t go right with your blade change...but the blade change is also pretty simple so I think that unlikely as well. Just tell them you want a replacement.
  4. Talk about exactly the tool I never knew I needed
  5. I have no direct experience with this particular tool but 40C (104F) isn’t a temperature to be worried about on its own
  6. I’m beginning to contemplate getting a chainsaw, which is something prior to a week ago I never thought I would be interested in. These newest brushless Makitas are looking pretty impressive at demos. Took me by surprise as it wasn’t something I’d have expected would be a forte for them.
  7. Another very thorough review from Concord Carpenter. The inclusion of Mafell and Festool made for some stiff high-end competition. Also seeing Bosch having a product included was nice to see, although this model is not yet available in the US where this comparison was conducted. Suggests Bosch will be bringing this product stateside before long, however.
  8. Marketing-wise Ryobi appears to have been green-lighted to continue a trend I’ve been perceiving of “punching up” at the prosumer companies with a number of new brushless and compact tools. Appearing to largely be rebadged albeit likely slightly down-tuned versions of assorted recently-released Ridgid and Milwaukee tools. Although there’s some novelty going on as well, as the right-angle drill is now the industry leader in terms of fitting into tight spaces. Interesting to see how these tools will be received in the market. I expect them to be a boon for Ryobi but is more poaching into Ridgid
  9. The “Better Safe Than Sorry” axiom maintains that you shouldn’t do it unless you can establish everything is safe. I had a bunch of technical reasons typed out as to why I think it would be fun to experiment with myself having a decent bit of physics and electrical background while NOT recommending that most people should try themselves. But after all that I realized the quick and easy answer is you’ve really never had a better excuse to switch over to cordless tools than now.
  10. Actually now that you mention it, this handle strikes me as looking a lot like the diagrams for the OMT patents we’ve seen floating around. Sorta supporting the assumption the new one will be brushless, and that it might be close to release.
  11. Sorry I realize I probably over-explained a lot you already knew just going into why I’m actually really excited about a tool I have no plans to buy
  12. I think your wish is likely to be granted...it just might take a while. A lot of things here look promising to me. The brushed version of this tool shares the same handle and battery interface with a LOT of Makita tools. Only the part of the tool that does the actual work changes. That’s great for design efficiency because they can make a lot of different tools recycling major parts of the design. With this cutout tool, the actual part that does the cutting looks to be entirely unchanged. It’s very possible Makita will decide that for a number of these there’s not much need f
  13. Well at the end of the day you’re only talking about $20-30 for a very infrequently used tool...it’s not a lot of money you’re throwing at something, and like anything else you just go in knowing that you get what you pay for. To be straight about it this is almost certainly going to be verging on throwaway quality, but hey maybe you’ll be asking so little out of it that it ends up being more than you need, with almost no money lost. Nothing wrong with that. That’s probably most of their buyers and they seem to review it positively over the one year that it’s been available. Which for all I kn
  14. I think you’re boned. Closest choice is the Makita rear handle since your on the platform. The only 7.25” blade-left option I can think of that isn’t rear handle is the Ryobi...and I’m hard-pressed to imagine that one could have more power than your brushless Makita. On the other hand, Ryobi has 9Ah batteries while Makita doesn’t, so it’s conceivable...but I’d be surprised.
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