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  1. ToolBane

    Freud blade on the 20v (18v) mitre ?

    Lithium batteries have a very low internal resistance, and when they’re right on the tool the power doesn’t have to travel through a lot of wire to get to where the work is done. In contrast to corded tools which run the least amount of copper in their power cords that manufacturers can get away with, that’s then diminished even more with extension cords. Not guaranteed to explain what people observe with this specific Dewalt miter, but going forward I kinda expect more and more cordless tools will keep up and eventually surpass the power output of corded counterparts. With this Dewalt it could also merely be suboptimal design on the corded end.
  2. Ryobi’s released a number of brushless tools as has close affiliate Ridgid for quite some time now. Ridgid’s Gen 5 brushless impact wrench released about the same time as most of both companies’ current brushless offerings and has received generally very positive reviews. It replaced their gen 4 which like many of their products appeared to have been designed on a common platform with Ryobi’s current, competent but aging brushed model. This led me to believe Ryobi should be planning on releasing a brushless impact wrench soon as well. Yet a year later...nada. Ryobi’s impact driver as far as I’ve seen has generally been reviewed as a standout among their new brushless line. So it doesn’t seem like they lack resources in the development department. I picked one up recently and so far it’s been pretty solid. Ryobi’s even had time to release a second, stripped-down brushless impact driver under the radar that they bundle in combo packages. Meanwhile, the current brushed impact wrench is...competent. But some online testers have found it actually gets outperformed by Ryobi’s own previous generation model. People even complain about it emitting an unusual odor (which I’ve noticed as well, though it doesn’t terribly bother me per se). Mine actually would frequently emit sparks upon starting and stopping during initial use, which I figure is likely related to whatever substance it is that causes the smell being in the brushes. It’s mostly gone as the tool’s worn in, but I’ve not had a tool do that to anywhere near that degree before. Seems like they should have an incentive to move forward. Anyone hear or come across any rumors? I still figure something should be coming down the pipeline but see so news anywhere on the subject.
  3. ToolBane

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    I was taking a closer look at the X2 tools I’m interested in (plunge and miter) in consideration of what direction larger batteries could go. It’s extremely unlikely to matter how they go about it on the miter; the plunge saw however may not fit larger batteries depending on how they choose to go. Funny thing is as I think on it I have essentially zero need for anything larger than the 5Ah I already have for those tools, so ultimately I don’t think I’ll let concern over future larger battery dimensions influence when I buy. The only tools it matters to me for are 18V tools where battery size won’t be an issue.
  4. ToolBane

    M12 stubby impact wrenches

    I was at an HD today taking a closer look at m12 and didn’t happen to see one
  5. ToolBane

    What tools did you buy today?

    Now that’s pretty cool...
  6. ToolBane


    Red is the longest wavelength we can see actually. Not necessarily refuting anything else you’re suggesting though. That said, personally I’d think it’s less anything to do with manufacturing difficulty and more a conscious marketing decision so they visually pop out more.
  7. ToolBane

    What tools did you buy today?

    I remember speculating about this same thing in another thread somewhere. 50% more beats per minute hypothetically probably also means 2/3 the area-under-the-curve benefit per beat. I remember reading Hitachi electing not to have their triple-hammer in at least one of the comparison deals. Me throwing random guesses into the ether I figure it’s because the different impact dynamic could lead to an apples-to-oranges comparison that probably wouldn’t help it shine in shoot-outs geared more for standard impact drivers. I’m sure it still does fantastic in most real-world applications but would guess it may fall off faster in the ultimate torture tests that tend to get the most attention on YouTube reviews.
  8. ToolBane

    What tools did you buy today?

    I like it. Some of Hitachi’s recent past tools have aesthetically looked very...“busy”. Not too bad here, though.
  9. ToolBane

    Anyone Ever Use One of These?

    This is the sort of thing I’d typically steer clear of but for one purpose with Makita taking so long to release anything over 6Ah I might consider a pair.
  10. ToolBane

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Ditto the request for 21700 batteries. I’d also like a soldering iron and Dremel-style rotary-tool.
  11. ToolBane

    18V GRINDER COMPARISON - oztooltalk video

    I’m surprised one unit tied for top marks even though it’s been around since 2014. That’s ancient the way tools are progressing right now.
  12. ToolBane

    What tools did you buy today?

    Yeah, it’s not generally in the ordinary Ryobi section. I found it with the other, corded glue guns.
  13. ToolBane

    What tools did you buy today?

    I’ve got that too, nifty little toy! I don’t have frequent need for it but I think it was $20 or so? Hell’a useful when the occasion arises.
  14. ToolBane

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    The footprint of the 6Ah and 9Ah batteries is notably larger than the old 4Ah batteries, so the speculation is these are larger than the 18650s used in those. I’m pretty sure I saw this confirmed somewhere when someone took a 6Ah apart, but can’t find the link. Of course there’s no magic to this either, Makita could do this any time they feel like as well. I think they do have a strong desire to do larger cells, but a 3-layer, 18650-based battery that gets them to 9Ah and in their X2 configurations puts them well ahead of Milwaukee and Dewalt. Not sure which direction maintains the broadest range of compatibility with current X2s while being most forward-friendly to future products. A lot of interesting ways that could go.
  15. ToolBane

    Ryobi 9Ah now available state-side

    It’s a good question. Ryobi doesn’t exactly have a plethora of high-draw tools. Even their miter saw is a dual-battery which largely obviates the need. I see some utility being able to run the fan endlessly though, and a very specific utility for me is to letting my many camp mates at Burning Man drive dozens of lag screws into hard-packed playa at a time.