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  1. Yeah the problem is definitely electrical and replacing everything is generally going to be cheaper than troubleshooting to isolate the problem. Something simple refusing to turn on is a really nondescript problem too. Not the kind of thing that can be diagnosed by random people on the internet remotely.
  2. Did anyone ask for all that political nonsense? Pretty sure no one did.
  3. Interesting situation. If you haven’t already I’d verify there is no possibility of disconnect between the holders and the brushes. Then is the voltage drop the same if the rotor is there allowing current to pass through to see if the problem is upstream in the circuitry or something.
  4. Got this little guy for light-duty pruning around the yard
  5. I just noticed they’re about to release a Flexvolt 10” sliding miter
  6. Probably somewhere in the channeling is either prone to getting plugged up or just doesn’t flow well
  7. Given that you hardly use it, I’m not sure how much you need to worry about the light not being in a more desirable spot. Having more speeds in my opinion is more important. My first impact similarly didn’t have any slower speeds available and it just didn’t take much to tweak the trigger too far and have the driver plow a screw right through some delicate piece I was trying to be really careful with. I don’t expect this latest XDT16 will be on any terribly remarkable sales any time soon, but if you’re going potentially months between use anyway I think that you already answered your own question ie-it isn’t costing you anything to wait for what you aren’t using.
  8. Interesting if the 21700 batteries look big compared to other brands. They don’t look that big in pictures, but eh marketing. Given how fast they allegedly charge I would imagine ventilation could be a major reason.
  9. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Makita-18-Volt-LXT-Lithium-Ion-Brushless-1-4-in-Cordless-Quick-Shift-Mode-3-Speed-Impact-Driver-Tool-Only-XDT14Z/300268141 Makita’s impacts pretty much all stick to the same power levels, so this one is more or less as strong as any of them, while including what I think is the most important basic feature, which is multiple speeds. So you don’t accidentally bludgeon more delicate projects.
  10. ToolBane

    Sand in drill

    Definitely do NOT tape over the holes. They are there to help heat vent out of the tools. Inadequate heat venting contributes to how a lot of tools break down in the first place. Not sure how big of an area you have to work around but you could have a tarp to cover ground it could fall on, or a length of rope on the drill to maybe your belt or something. But if you do that, think through any other potential safety concerns that could create ie...any work hazards that could for example yank on the drill while you’re on a ladder, pull you into machinery, etc. May be just better simply figuring a lost drill as part of your work expense.
  11. I like that they are looking to go small but it’s surprising how long it’s taking. I’m guessing they either really want this to be awesome and are having a hard time deciding they’ve finished with what they have or they’ve run into design issues. Perhaps a little bit of both.
  12. It’s even older than I expected
  13. Rack and pinion has been used in all sorts of applications for decades. Actually without specifically googling it I would even expect centuries. It seems like a nice convenience and probably easier to keep fairly accurate for most purposes. Mostly just easier. Dewalt can get credit for being the first to use it on table saws, and it’s nice someone finally thought to try implementing it and before long everyone will be doing it. But to be fair, anyone using rack and pinion for anything is ultimately copying it off of someone else.
  14. It’s more a consequence of material properties than it is any sort of designed feature, basically a fudge-factor they find useful for marketing purposes. Seems to usually be around 50% higher than the fastening torque rating.
  15. It definitely won’t be XGT. XGT needs multiples of 10 cells and this is 32. 64V Max seems likely as Quazar suggests. 128V Max is also feasible for the number of cells.
  16. Ask and you shall receive, or something https://m.facebook.com/MakitaToolsPage/photos/a.136919456336063/3230000550361256/?type=3&source=48
  17. Assuming it’s brushless I suspect I’ll get this rather quickly
  18. Not going to sit on their laurels while Milwaukee is making light equipment it appears
  19. Is this the US catalog? There are a lot of little surprises in this one. Looks like they’re bringing back the 10.8V pod-style batteries and tools in this thing. And the subcompact range may be going to teal instead of all-black. Not the biggest developments on the planet, just unexpected. Other than that, yeah...familiar with most of the new additions.
  20. On second thought I’m changing my answer to impact driver. Only because your terms didn’t say I can’t have a corded driver. The convenience of impact drivers for most of what I do is too hard to let go of. I can have a big heavy corded drill for the rare occasions I need a lot of torque delivered without the hammering.
  21. Funny to me to think about. My first speculation is it would be the one I use the least...my heaviest-duty drill. Because it CAN do just about everything. But for the most part it’s not nearly as efficient as what I use most which is my impact driver, and would make just about everything more cumbersome to boot.
  22. Nice comparison tests. The torque adjustment struck me as easily discernible. Although it slowed more than expected under light load, as you pushed it harder the degree of slowing down didn’t increase until much heavier loading. I picked up the brushed model about a year ago and then saw this on getting released and wondered if I would be lamenting not having it, even though this is not a tool I need often. I’m impressed with it but not dissatisfied just sticking with the older model I have.
  23. There’s a guy who’s missing the point. Sure, changing batteries too often is inconvenient but an impact driver with even a 3Ah battery just goes and goes and goes. I’m actually planning to get a pair of 3Ah batteries at some point for this specific reason, even while they are the exact same size as the 5Ah.
  24. I’ve wondered about this as they have a number of small, low-torque options for tight places, then the still-compact, low-mid torque one that actually looks really handy, then nothing between that and their uber-power wrench except this old brushed model that has no variable trigger and makes only 300ftlbs despite being quite large. I tend to suspect impact wrenches may not be the highest priority with Makita but additionally wonder if they just think mid-torque wrenches would be superfluous product in most applications.
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