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  1. What tools did you buy today?

    Congrats, good choice on getting the combo kit. I ran across it about a month ago in a Home Depot and it came with the extra battery as well. You’ll forget about the extra 90 dollars by the weekend and you’ll have an awesome kit. The impact is worth having also and I seem to use it even more. About to twist some steel wire so I got this channelock ironworkers plier today
  2. Issues with PS22 12V hex driver

    Both made in Malaysia, I have the ps22 onsite for one of my jobs but will look tomorrow. I think it’s 2014 or possibly ‘15. The impact is also the gdr ‘professional’ and is 2015. That’s unfortunate about the chuck on your new driver. I wonder if you could get a replacement from Bosch?
  3. How to estimate life of a Makita battery ?

    I’ve had really good luck with my makita batteries. I use them professionally and some are a decade old. The really old ones don’t hold a charge as long as the new ones but I give them away when I don’t think they hold a charge long enough. If you aren’t always buying new tools and you want new batteries, eBay has some good prices for makita batteries.
  4. M12 gen 2!

    Mine just started doing this yesterday. Or maybe I noticed it for the first time but I’ve been comparing it to my other drills a lot and using it a lot lately. I think I would have noticed it if it had been doing it before. I tinkered with it for a while getting it to repeat. I’m suspicious that it might be the brake kicking in. It sounds the same as the first fraction of a second when the brake activates if you let off of the trigger quickly when running lower rpm. I just noticed this thread today and tried to get it to do it again but am not able.
  5. Issues with PS22 12V hex driver

    Glad it’s happening less. That’s really unfortunate. I own bunch of different Bosch brushless and have never had an issue with any. I use my ps22 every day and it’s been great so far. Also, mine does work as expected with 25mm bits. The chuck is just deep enough to hold them about the same is a bit holder or just like the Bosch images. I have a ps42 impact I got from Korea a few years ago and it’s chuck is as you describe, being a little too deep.
  6. What tools did you buy today?

    It’s amazing if you need one that large. I prefer the 180mm - 200mm size for 99% of what I do. These are only available in 250 and are quite heavy. I have some 180mm knipex pliers wrench that I like much better only because they are smaller and lighter weight. Otherwise, I favor this design to serrated jaws any day of the week and this plier is as good as the Knipex in my opinion, except the finish may not be as durable as the satin chrome on the Knipex. I think I like the push button for adjustment on the Knipex opposed to opening the handle all the way to slide the jaw open on the wiha. I do like the way the wiha can close by pushing the jaws even when the handle isn’t open. It can zip into tighter position regardless of the handle position.
  7. What tools did you buy today?

    Wiha has a good sale. Got pliers wrench and auto grip pliers for 44.99usd together and the combo pliers 17.99.
  8. So any new tools coming soon?

    Agree, I’m really close to getting a cordless makita but keep holding out thinking DeWalt may release a more powerful one soon.
  9. M12 gen 2!

    Have been tinkering with the torque settings as well. I’m having a learning curve with small fasteners and low settings. I’ve used it on metal fastening and it feels like it’s pretty consistent there but hard to know for sure. I know what you mean about the clutch feeling like it can let the drill keep driving. I like the e-clutch on my Bosch dds183 much more and the bosch is about the same weight. I think for critical small fasteners I’ll be relying more on my bosch12v drill though. It has a really sensitive mechanical slip clutch. Overall I love the gen2 tool and like the features and power with the tiny size. Even though I think the handle is less comfortable than the gen1. On using the larger batteries, I feel like I might as well be using an 18v. Especially since my dds183 18v is the same size except for the battery and basically the same weight. I’m having really good experiences with the impact also. My Makita 18v is actually smaller in the head and handle but again for it’s power and overall size and weight of the gen2 impact is pretty useful. It’s really powerful and fast. The controls are nice. It seems to have sort of an e-clutch on less than full trigger pull driving and on the lowest setting along with the self tapping setting. The self drilling setting seems to stop impacting after a second. Or pulsate the impacts. Something like that. I can’t exactly recall. Here are is another thread where I posted some size comparison images on the second page:
  10. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    Congrats, They’re great tools and I really enjoy the kit I bought recently.
  11. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    True, for me I preferred the grip on the gen1 fuel m12. The gen2 is wider at the top between thumb and index. The gen1 felt decent in my hand but the drill was too large overall. I also feel like, if going slide pack, go 18v. For 12v the fatter handles are worth it for overall compactness. I can fit a fat handled 12v tool in a backpack kit far easier than an 18v tool and I can perform 95% of the work I may do in a high rise and I don’t have to wait on the service elevator. I can also fly easier with the same compact kit using 12v.
  12. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    The respective websites for Milwaukee and Bosch state the weights of the tools with the bare Bosch and Bosch with 2.0 slim pack as heavier than the m12. I wish I had a scale that I don’t have to plug into my wife’s computer to use. I’ll weigh them some day but to me the 18v Bosch actually feels a bit lighter. I know balance has a lot to do with it but if I close my eyes and pick them up by the top, m12 feels obviously heavier. I really like both and am surprised at the size, speed and power from both the dds183 and the m12. dds183 has antikickback tech, and for good reason, in my opinion.
  13. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    Here are some size comparisons with the gen2 m12 tools. The drill with the Bosch dds183 and the impact with the Makita xdt14.
  14. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    I’ve been curious about installing a hex chuck onto the gen2 m12 fuel drill. Do you happen to know a solution for that?? I’m realizing that the gen2 12v fuel head size, although very compact is’n really more compact than my 18v bosch dds183 drill. Maybe a couple mm shorter if that. I only have a pic of the 18v with bosch’s 12v as my gen2 m12 is out on a job. The head sizes of the bosch 18v and the gen2 m12 are almost identical and of course the bosch is faster and has more torque. I also think the bosch electronic clutch is far better and the anti-kickback feature on the bosch is great. It is a little heavier than the gen2 m12 and far more bulky at the 18v battery area. For all day extended use the super ergonomic handle and performance of the bosch dds183 is preferable for me, even with the extra weight.
  15. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    This is amazing! Well done! I’d happily void my warranty to do this without a second thought.