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  1. Impressive work, welcome to the forum.
  2. RT29

    Cordless jigsaw

    I can attest to the visibility issue with the M12. I spend the whole cut blowing sawdust so I can see my cut line. Performance otherwise is great. But if you need accuracy with a cut, beware.
  3. Added a orbital sander , and a jigsaw to my M12 arsenal. Love the portability when I want a quick cut or sand. Don't have to hook up power cords.
  4. RT29

    New here

    Welcome Aboard, you're in the right forum!
  5. RT29

    Printer Stand

    Cool. Great job man.
  6. Interesting. Milwaukee's taking a page from Ryobi's playbook (DIYer-centric tools). Keep up the innovation. Us DIYers love it.
  7. Kreg Rip-Cut is awesome. Milwaukee did get back to me and the part for the 6-1/2" Circular is # 49-22-1005 just in case anyone wanted to know. But it looks as if you only get 6" on the blade side. The Kreg up to 24" and is reversible seeing that the saw is blade left-side.
  8. Agree Hilti if another platform is in my future it could be Ryobi. I have 2 now, The Red & Yellow, but Ryobi continues to add innovations to their lineup, while also offering budget-priced near pro-quality tools, but a 3rd battery charger set-up is holding me back.
  9. I read they're coming late 2018. If this is true I tend to agree with BMack 37 (IMO) Lowe's are doing what Home Depot does. More variety in the power tools HD has Ryobi and Ridgid as house brands, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee as partnered brands. Lowes can do something similar, with Kobalt, DeWalt - Porter Cable, Craftsman, and Hitachi. I don't think they will lifetime, (walk in we give you another) warranty it like Sears did. HD is 3 times the size of the Lowes brand why not follow their blueprint?
  10. Now that Stanley B&D, DeWalt, Rigid has bought out Craftsman you guys think maybe they make a comeback? Growing up around my Dad's auto repair shop the brand will always be dear to the heart. Back in the day they were no doubt the brand everybody knew they could count on. If a tool broke Sears replaced it no questions asked. But after being shipped overseas quality suffered bad. But now its back in the states think maybe they become a major player again in the tool game again?
  11. Thanks. I Only knew Kreg for pocket jigs, but I just checked out a YouTube vid on the Kreg Rip-Cut. It should be just what I need.
  12. I have an old Craftsman corded circular saw with a rip fence. But my Milwaukee 2730-22 6-1/2" M18 is way more convenient being cordless. Now I'm trying to find a rip fence guide for it but Milwaukee's website rip fences all state for 7-1/2, 8-1/2, and 10-1/2. I emailed Milwaukee but who knows before they respond. It is right handed vs left like some larger models so a generic one at HDepot would have the numbers upside down. So I ask you guys do anyone know if one of Milwaukee other rip fence guides will fit the 6-1/2" models before I order one?
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