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    What are your favorite phillips power bits?

    Some brands don't fit as well, like the Milwaukee Shockwaves, into the screws but in general, I think of bits as commodity consumables and I'm looking for cost effectiveness, i.e. how many screws can be driven per $ spent. So most times I get "reputable" bits when they go on sale. I don't do much driving into metal so impact bits are not as good since they are softer and wear faster. I use the same 1" to 6" bits for hand tools, drill/drivers and impacts. This saves a ton of space in tool bags and work benches. I like "hard" or "extra hard" non-impact S2 tool steel bits from various brands, like the middle one here from Vega (good brand): http://vegaindustries.net/products/driver-bits/square/square-power-bits-4205 Btw, I'm Canadian so I don't use Philips very much, and Robertson bits fit much better and last a lot longer.