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  1. The Reciprocating Saw: Tool of All Trades

    It's pretty rare that you see guys on jobs wearing ear and eye protection, especially when using saws. The only time I go out of my way to wear glasses and a mask is when I'm using an angle grinder.
  2. What tools did you buy today?

    BTW, I was at the tool candy land today and they had a 1 3/4 HP around 10 amp Porter cable router that took two collet sizes. RPM was 27k and the thing was solid and far heavier than my Craftsman. It was a pretty impressive machine for 150 beans. It's on the list
  3. SDS Plus Bits

    We ran Milwaukee and Bosch bits and chisels in the rehab and had good luck with them. One of our guys had been busing harbor fraud bits for years and said he's had just as good luck with them as Dewalt and Bosch, which are always his go to tools. I'm going to pick up a five pack of bits and a chisel blade next time I'm near the local HF. He also said the HF oscillating tool blades are every bit as good as the dewalt and Porter cable quick changes he used.
  4. One tool I'd never go back to for sure would be a miter box. Sweet Jesus what a pain in the yam bag a miter box is compared to a sliding compound miter saw. Same goes for pneumatic finish nailers. I'll drive nails by hand framing a lot, but I cannot imagine putting up crown with a hammer and finish nails.
  5. Crown stops, the Satchmo way

    Yeah, it really is. When we were rehabbing my parent's place in the keys we had our miter saw set up on three horses with a few 14 foot sections of 2x8 that we found in the yard after our pier was destroyed. They made a nice long, solid base for the 16 foot pieces. I try to cope as many corners as possible, too.
  6. Is factory reconditioned tools a good buy?

    I just picked up a Bosch 4.5 amp SDS for $104.00 shipped. I use one of these drills about three times a year and for 100 bucks, it suddenly became worth owning. If it lasts the year, I break even. If I get multiple years out of it, total win. I have a job setting a vinyl fence in a hurricane zone coming up and a deck going into foundation, so it's going to pay for itself immediately.
  7. What will Makita come out with next?

    My brother is going to lose his shit when he sees that. Well, his wife is going to lose her shit when he brings it home lol He has everything Makita. I call him a Makita Moonie, it's like he's a cult member
  8. Learn me something new about routers

    I'm not sold on any one battery platform, I think you Rob yourself of some pretty great tools by disregarding other manufacturers. I'm not sure which Makita recip saw my brother had, but it was just OK. I'd surely not kick it out of bed for eating crackers but it just didn't have that solid rip down My Everest feel a lot if corded saw have. But, I'll check it out for sure and give him a call. Plus, he owes me three grand lol. Dewalt has made some nice recip saws historically and we all know Milwaukee. Home depot was clearing out the orbital sawzall a few weeks ago. It was like 12-13 amps and 105 bucks. I should have bought it. But, I know nothing about orbital and didn't know if that was better, worse or what. But I really could use a good cordless. Makes humping up a ladder a breeze. As far as Porter cable goes, no cordless for me there. All my PC equipment is corded from the 1990s and an assortment of air nailers. I've tried battery nail guns and just hate the things. They're slow as shit, jam too much and heavy AF.
  9. The Reciprocating Saw: Tool of All Trades

    Yeah, but unfortunately most people(pros included) use the things improperly. They aren't just cute little drills(girlfriend ) or lightweight alternatives to your last cordless purchase. They are impact drivers and actually don't do you a lot of favors in a lot of situations. Of course, I guess the same could be said about meatballs using recip saws for anything you can imagine lol
  10. The Reciprocating Saw: Tool of All Trades

    Probably the most diversely used tools in all of the trades.
  11. Bosch JIg Saw 1590EVS Problem

    I have the 1587 and that one has the speed pot built into the trigger. Does the 1590 have a separate speed pot? If so, have you cleaned the inside of the saw out yet with a few shots of air? You can also try some contact cleaner on the pot. I've found blowing out my saws and sanders has done wonders for some performance issues. Contact cleaner has done wonders for hte pots on my guitar amps as well.
  12. Starting to rehab the casa

    About a decade ago I slid on a patch of ice on a roof and off she went. Unlike the cartoons, the human body doesn't bounce and I crushed my heel and broke my ankle, two compression fractures in L2 and L3 and tore L5 completely. I still haven't recovered fully and never will, but I've been doing my best to keep going with the carpentry thing as a career. That means I haven't done any home improvements in a decade as I just do not have the ability to work like that anymore. However, after spending a few months rebuilding the family house in the keys after Irma, I've kinda got the bug again. My first project is going to be putting crown moulding in every room, that's easy enough. I bought all the crown and it's piled in the dining room. After that, the bathroom and kitchen floors need to go. Then finally I'll Yank off all the rest of the ranch trim and finish the colonial I stated years ago.
  13. Crown stops, the Satchmo way

    Yeah yeah yeah, I know. I screwed the pooch on this side. When I went to drill the first set of holes I ran into a mess of metal under the saw and had to move my holes. It was a bit of serendipity because they should have been further forward, anyway.
  14. Crown stops, the Satchmo way

    For some reason, dewalt has either stopped manufacturing their crown stops, or they are on backorder planet wide. I've tried buying a few sets on eBay and they just go, people bid them up crazy high from the auctions I've been in. I decided to look elsewhere and ran across the Bosch stops and holy mother of God were they inexpensive. Anything with Bosch written on the box is generally an immediate markup, but these were like 16 bucks, to my door. The Dewalt sliding compound miter saw wasn't set up to take the Bosch set, but a drill, a tap set and a half hour standing in the cold and slush of the Wisconsin spring, voilà, slide stops. I don't always cut crown on the fence, but these make it so much easier. So if anyone wants stops, check eBay for the Bosch and have at it. I haven't checked to see if Milwaukee even offers these. My old Makita didn't have them either and I always used a jig. This is so much easier 😊
  15. Dewalt batteries 18v vs 20v

    The 20 volt crap is basically the tool version of "But ours goes to 11". As far as some countries not having the 20v max systems, their governments just don't let marketers and manufacturers have the same liberties with language ours do. Basically, they can't lie and deceive to sell more gear.