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  1. U mad grouchy. They’re gonna warn u, maybe me too. All I did was state fact tho. You’re butthurt
  2. Stabila is a jobsite status symbol for sure. I own 2, 4 and 6 foot empires and they are great for the price point. I’ve got a 48” stabila 196 and the reputation is well deserved. My next purchase will be a stabila plate level. For what I do there’s nothing that compares.
  3. The ridgid multi master is inferior to the cordless dewalt. the ridgid drills are all weaker than the dewalt 996 the brand spanking new ridgid cordless skill saw doesn’t hold a candle to the three and half year old flex volt sidewinder saw, never mind the cordless worm drive. old dudes get stuck in the past. Do your homework
  4. I’ve used Ridgid cordless tools plenty (former boss) and I own a pretty good dewalt collection. I’ve had coworkers with most of the popular brands. Theres a reason Ridgid stuff is cheaper. The build quality is lower. The batteries aren’t as good. Their tools are durable but try using a Ridgid multi then the dewalt; the difference is huge in quality. Their drills feel like the difference between a Ryobi trimmer and a stihl: bearings whir and gnash on a Ridgid, it’s not a smooth operation. Try using a Milwaukee drill that’s smooth like butter. ridgid is for guys who don’t wanna invest real money
  5. Thanks we use a big beast router as well framing. Had my hopes up but I guess I’ll wait for the FlexVolt router that is rumored
  6. For the fellas that now own this tool: can I cut windows out with it? Should I? Thanks
  7. I picked up Dewalts new cordless sander. Seller made me wait for awhile so they gave me a free 2.0 battery for my trouble. Didn’t have the manual so I’ll be looking for a file online
  8. Babysaw

    Dewalt Atomic

    Hopefully it’s not so loud and that one screw in the grip (some of you have to know what I’m talking about) won’t get piping hot with prolonged use.
  9. Picked up the Dewalt mid range wrench today.
  10. You are correct, dcb609 and dcb612 have the same profile as the dcb230. New clips solve this issue. After I get out of this appt I’ll add a link so y’all can update gear if needed. Heres five for $20 on eBay. Notice the bend in the clip midway? Fits new batteries https://www.ebay.com/itm/5-PACK-Genuine-DeWALT-Belt-Clip-Hook-20V-Drill-Driver-N268241-N169778/281679695773?hash=item41956b0f9d:g:LO4AAOSwFHZavSiR
  11. All models sold for over a year have had the new clips. issue has been corrected, past tense. If you need a new clip try ereplacementparts.com or eBay. “ sure in time they will modify the belt clips but to retro fit all of my current clips would probably be a couple hundred dollars which just kind of sucks.“ I bought ten clips with screws for five bucks on OfferUp
  12. Dewalt clips have already been updated. Only tool that doesn’t fit new stuff is the tough system radio
  13. Lol dude if this was a subreddit he’d have been flagged for spamming days ago. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for all this stuff on a single thread so as not to clutter every other user’s experience?
  14. is It truly necessary for us to know every time homes wipes his nose or buys a new tool? Please do everyone else a favor and condense all this stuff into a single thread. This is the Dewalt forum not the wingless forum
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