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  1. Babysaw

    new cordless sander // DCW210B

    That leads me to ask, what kind of runtime are you getting? Could you make it to lunch on a 3.0 slim? thanks
  2. Babysaw

    Dcs355b question

    I looked up the part on Dewalt ServiceNet and it doesn’t offer the detail. On Ereplacementparts.com they say the piece is metal. Odd
  3. Babysaw

    Dcs355b question

    So I just picked up the cordless multi master for myself, a tool I’m very familiar with from a previous employer having one. Am I crazy or didn’t the clamp lever use to be metal? Mine is some kind of hard plastic. The lever works great, and the tool has a 2018 stamp in the battery slot. Any input is appreciated. Happy Saturday fellas
  4. Babysaw

    wingless' DeWalt DCD991P2 20V Max XR Drill Kit

    Is this an amazon review? Just jokes. Glad you like your drill dude
  5. Babysaw

    What tools did you buy today?

    I picked up a Dewalt cordless multi master, a fast charger for a coworker and a 6/2 FLEXVOLT battery from a lady on OfferUp. $150 heck yeah!
  6. Babysaw


    That’s funny I’ve done 70’ deck ledgers with 4 Simpson lags in every joist bay, ran them all in with a Dewalt 886 impact driver and it never got past warm. With one 4ah battery. Edit: i suppose the the moral of the story is if you don’t take care of your shit it won’t take care of you
  7. Babysaw

    Flexvolt Battery Won't Charge

    I didn’t have to send them the old battery they just sent me out a new one. Give em a call man the worst case is you wasted five minutes. Dewalt will try to take care of you
  8. Babysaw


    I dunno why you’re still in the Dewalt forum if this is how you feel? Enjoy the Hilti forum. Enjoy your tools that cost twice as much for half the productivity. Whatever dude you complained about your batteries, people come on here and give good faith examples of how you can stop damaging your tools like a maroon and your response essentially is ‘my mind is already made up and y’all are wasting your time talking to me.’ I set my chargers on break, switch batts at lunch. I’ve got plenty of batteries to never slow production, and if you want to compare productivity with somebody Framer Joe may have something to say.
  9. Babysaw

    DC618 16g nailer

    I’m curious can you offer additional information?
  10. Babysaw

    Flexvolt Battery Won't Charge

    Maybe just call Dewalt? After some nice fellas here explained their warranty set up I called, was polite, and had a battery shipped out to me that day. They don’t nickel and dime customers, something I really appreciate.
  11. Babysaw


    Yeah I believe it’s in the battery FAQ under ‘can I leave the pack on charger?’ they say yes do it then go into detail.
  12. Babysaw


    In the field I use fast chargers to maintain productivity, and over the weekend I typically use the slower 2 amp chargers that come with drills etc to do maintenance cycles. Every Dewalt 20v charger will perform an 8hour maintenance cycle if the pack is left on charger, and I’ve found (just a personal observation not tested) that batteries perform better after letting them cycle. The Dewalt battery literature states to maintenance cycle once ever four charges for maximum health if memory serves.
  13. Babysaw


    There are a few comparison vids on YouTube where Hilti is in the mix. They never crack top three. If Hilti works for you, and their service center is five minutes away, perfect. Enjoy your tools. I will say that complaining about batteries, being taught correct battery procedure, then stating it’s too much work to take care of your tools, doesn’t make much sense. But hey it’s Hilti’s problem now.
  14. Babysaw


    Like anything else, take care of your batteries and they will take care of you. I stop at 1 bar and I don’t try to charge warm batteries. Sometimes I’ll set up a fan, hell when using the dcb118 (4 amp charger) I usually point a fan since they get warm.
  15. Babysaw


    I think he means they have 887s and 886s joe.