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  1. I might as well I see on the HD website it's priced the exact same as the 2703 question though does the bare tool come with the belt clip and oh shit bar?
  2. Called home depot they said they'd take it back on store credit going to get the Milwaukee 2703 bare tool Monday
  3. I started off my power tool collection buying the 1/2" Drill Driver: DeWalt DCD771 1/4" Impact Driver: DeWalt DCF885 Combo kit. Came with those tools 2 1.3 ah batteries a charger and a bag. A few weeks later I came across a can not pass up deal on M18 fuel 1/4" impact, 7 1/4" circ saw, sawzawll, 2 5.0 batteries, 9.0 battery and 2 rapid chargers. So now I'm kind of stuck with the DeWalt tools I would return them but the box ended up in my burn barrel. Looking to trade them for pretty much anything Milwaukee 18v.
  4. Do I still need to paint marine plywood or is it good to go as is? My local hardware just got a shipment in $85 a sheet! Definitely going to measure twice before I cut that bad boy lol
  5. Hey guys re doing my shed floor, it was built in 95 and they used osb board, it was pretty rotted out. Its an 8x8 shed I tore out the old floor with my M18 sawzawll with 9.0 battery and my dead on demolition hammer and it went smooth. I plan on using 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood for the new floor and I'm going to coat it with a couple coats of KILZ so it's somewhat weather proof. I need to notch out the plywood every 2 feet to fit around 2x4 studs. I'm going back and forth on if I should pick up the M18 jigsaw or the M18 multi tool to notch out the plywood. Let me know which tool you think I'd be better off using!
  6. Originally from the Detroit area worked for a plumbing company as a laborer for 6 years as a ride along helper for 2 years and ran service on my own for a year. The time plumbing really got me into tools. I bought a home in northern Michigan and while I'm no longer plumbing I am a DIY home and vehicle owner and usually help friends and family out when they are in need of an extra hand out here. I collect tools, graphic novels, PS4 games, blu rays, and cologne. Glad to be part of the community!
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