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  1. So let's be clear. DeWalt 18V XRP is 20V (they just call them 20V) but when they moved from lithium Ion they made the corporate decision to change everything else, many companies just upgraded the battery internals and chargers since peak and nominal voltages didn't change. The 40V system came out 4.5 years ago, the technology already existed for the FlexVolt system, in fact I bet it was already in development. The problem with the FlexVolt system is the low Amp hours of the batteries when they're being used in the 60V mode (A 12Ah FlexVolt is only actually 4Ah when in 60V mode), which was the whole reason they said the 40V system was for professionals and the FlexVolt was intended for prosumers. And I'm aware that you can buy an adaptor for the older 18V system but again the cost and obligation is on the consumer. No other major tool company at this level has changed battery platforms more rapidly than DeWalt, take that for what it's worth but it seems a bit to often. Not to mention that they let their 12V stuff die out almost completely before making the decision to re-invest, no doubt many consumers got tired of waiting and moved on to other brand 12V tools out of impatience. It just seems like DeWalt (or SB&D) doesn't really think of the consumer side of their decisions very often, they just assume folks will open up their wallets and buy again. I'm not knocking the tools but I do question some of the corporate decision making. I think DeWalt makes excellent tools but is straddled with out of touch corporate leaders.
  2. DeWalt is killing off the 40V system to make way for a single OPE system based on the newer FlexVolt platform. Yet another dead battery platform for them and I can't see how the consumer could be happy about this. DeWalt claimed the 40V system was their top OPE gear and now that they have archived the system consumers are forced into the FlexVolt system which DeWalt has already said was inferior to their 40V line. Strange but not unexpected for a company that seems to continually change their battery platform about every 5 years. Keeps the consumer in the store buying the latest equipment which has got to be good for their corporate bottom line despite being a burden to the consumer. Some really good information is located here: https://toolguyd.com/dewalt-40v-max-cordless-outdoor-power-tools-discontinued/
  3. Finally grabbed the 15" tote, and I'm very pleased with it. Makes getting and keeping things organized much easier.
  4. Can't wait to get my very own router! So glad I was patient, I almost bought into another brand/battery system just to gain access to a cordless version. Initial reports indicate the Milwaukee version is a very solid entry so I'm anxious to get one in my shop.
  5. I have a good friend with one and he has had zero issues, I have the older non-quick lock version and it runs like a demon, I only use 9 and 12 amp batteries on mine.
  6. This looks like a home modified tool to perform a specific task...
  7. The M18 Surge and the newly introduced M12 Surge both have a 450in/lb rating.
  8. You can get them each even cheaper if you don't mind purchasing them used or in the "open box" category from as low as $51.... Seriously doubt you can buy a motor for that cheap from Milwaukee (if that turns out to be your issue)
  9. Not sure what the cost of repair would be but you can purchase a brand new Gen 3 2804-20 M18 Fuel Hammer drill on Amazon for $119 and the older 2607-20 M18 Hammer Drill for $71 which are both great deals. I actually caught the 2804 on sale and got it brand new in the box for $95 not long ago. the Gen 2 2704-20 can be had for $112 if that model is more to your liking. All of these are M18 Hammer Drill bare tools.
  10. I picked up a new Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1/4" Hex Impact Driver and I'm really loving it. I have an older M12 version that I use all the time, but recently I have been doing a lot of concrete fasteners and felt like the extra torque offered by this newer model would be beneficial, and as it turns out it is. Not only that but all that extra power and speed are packaged in a smaller compact package that is barely three tenths of a pound heavier than my old M12 version. Win-Win! I have found the "soft start" feature (Self tapping screw mode in Milwaukee lingo) enabled through mode 4 is really handy and a welcome addition. If I had any feedback to Milwaukee it would be to offer the three current speed modes and a fourth option that enables the soft start option in any of the three speed modes.
  11. I haven't tried to fit it yet (I will) but based on the measurements it should fit, it may need to be turned on its side though. I try it to see and let you know.
  12. I just bought a new 2804 to augment my 2704, and paid less than $95.00 bucks for the bare tool. My 2704 chuck has been acting a bit wonky lately so I was concerned it might die on me in the middle of a job, so I opted to get the newer 2804. I do like the revised chuck, and this Gen 3 drill does get hotter than the 2704 under repeated heavy loads but it is not hot enough to cause me any real concern. At least now if the chuck does die on my 2704 I can upgrade it to the 2804 style chuck, and still be able to work using my new 2804, at least that's the plan.
  13. I used to store my tools in the cases they came with and in canvas bags for the bare tools I purchased. It was effective but tedious to make multiple trips carrying several cases and bags. now I use the PACKOUT system to store and haul all my primary stuff and I love it.
  14. Yes I have seen these wall mount brackets as well but never found them in retail, that along with the flat dolly rolling cart for Packout as well. I know they keep expanding and I know I need to be more patient but I also wish they would create a two drawer Packout box and a radio Packout unit too. Oh and of course a battery charging station (M18/M12) Packout. Clearly they have plenty of room to expand so I'm looking forward to their latest offerings hopefully this spring during their annual Tool expo.
  15. I too can confirm that the rolling toolbox is specifically designed to "click" in the open position, one might think the resistance they are feeling as they open the lid is the lid hitting the handle but that is not the case it is actually about the latch open. The first time I got mine I felt the resistance and out of caution looked behind the lid to make sure it wasn't hitting something but once I noticed it was clear I pushed a little harder and it clicked in the open position, just as you would want. The attached photo shows the lid in the open/latched position...
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