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  1. You can get them each even cheaper if you don't mind purchasing them used or in the "open box" category from as low as $51.... Seriously doubt you can buy a motor for that cheap from Milwaukee (if that turns out to be your issue)
  2. Not sure what the cost of repair would be but you can purchase a brand new Gen 3 2804-20 M18 Fuel Hammer drill on Amazon for $119 and the older 2607-20 M18 Hammer Drill for $71 which are both great deals. I actually caught the 2804 on sale and got it brand new in the box for $95 not long ago. the Gen 2 2704-20 can be had for $112 if that model is more to your liking. All of these are M18 Hammer Drill bare tools.
  3. I picked up a new Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1/4" Hex Impact Driver and I'm really loving it. I have an older M12 version that I use all the time, but recently I have been doing a lot of concrete fasteners and felt like the extra torque offered by this newer model would be beneficial, and as it turns out it is. Not only that but all that extra power and speed are packaged in a smaller compact package that is barely three tenths of a pound heavier than my old M12 version. Win-Win! I have found the "soft start" feature (Self tapping screw mode in Milwaukee lingo) enabled through mode 4 is really handy and a welcome addition. If I had any feedback to Milwaukee it would be to offer the three current speed modes and a fourth option that enables the soft start option in any of the three speed modes.
  4. I haven't tried to fit it yet (I will) but based on the measurements it should fit, it may need to be turned on its side though. I try it to see and let you know.
  5. I just bought a new 2804 to augment my 2704, and paid less than $95.00 bucks for the bare tool. My 2704 chuck has been acting a bit wonky lately so I was concerned it might die on me in the middle of a job, so I opted to get the newer 2804. I do like the revised chuck, and this Gen 3 drill does get hotter than the 2704 under repeated heavy loads but it is not hot enough to cause me any real concern. At least now if the chuck does die on my 2704 I can upgrade it to the 2804 style chuck, and still be able to work using my new 2804, at least that's the plan.
  6. I used to store my tools in the cases they came with and in canvas bags for the bare tools I purchased. It was effective but tedious to make multiple trips carrying several cases and bags. now I use the PACKOUT system to store and haul all my primary stuff and I love it.
  7. Yes I have seen these wall mount brackets as well but never found them in retail, that along with the flat dolly rolling cart for Packout as well. I know they keep expanding and I know I need to be more patient but I also wish they would create a two drawer Packout box and a radio Packout unit too. Oh and of course a battery charging station (M18/M12) Packout. Clearly they have plenty of room to expand so I'm looking forward to their latest offerings hopefully this spring during their annual Tool expo.
  8. I too can confirm that the rolling toolbox is specifically designed to "click" in the open position, one might think the resistance they are feeling as they open the lid is the lid hitting the handle but that is not the case it is actually about the latch open. The first time I got mine I felt the resistance and out of caution looked behind the lid to make sure it wasn't hitting something but once I noticed it was clear I pushed a little harder and it clicked in the open position, just as you would want. The attached photo shows the lid in the open/latched position...
  9. I own the Milwaukee M18 15 gauge nailer and it has been fantastic, I mainly use DeWalt and Porter Cable nails and have never experienced a jam, not once. I have pushed a lot of nails through it, from the shortest to the longest that Milwaukee says it will shoot and all have worked just fine. It can be finicky if you're not careful when shooting on an angle and I've had a few nails left proud of the surface but they are mostly due to my failure to pay attention and get a good full positioning prior to firing. All in all I am extremely pleased and wish they would get an M18 framing nailer to market. Their pneumatic framing nailer has been rated again and again as the best or one of the best so I hope they can translate that success to their battery version, still waiting.
  10. Wow Amazon.ca is not at all friendly when it comes to Milwaukee tools, it shows the top of the line Milwaukee hammer drill bare tool (2804-20) at 219.99 CAD and yet it's available at Amazon.com for just 116.00 USD!
  11. I hear ya on the Canadian market and that's a bummer but couldn't you buy from other American sourced suppliers like Acme Tools where it's still just $199.00 USD?? I only used Amazon because they're one example but maybe that was a bad example. Here in the USA as "Biggie" mentioned the premium Milwaukee products have fallen to the point where there are often the best priced amongst the premium brands. Not sure why there's such a huge mark up in Canada but I feel for you guys having to deal with that just because of an imaginary line. I just did a quick search on the Amazon.ca site and found this... maybe this will help at just 290.36 CAD... RELATED VIDEOS 360° VIEW Milwaukee 2861-20 M18 FUEL 1/2" Mid-Torque Impact Wrench by Milwaukee 1 new from CDN$ 290.36
  12. My latest setup, it seems to be growing on a regular basis! I am very pleased with my decision to acquire this system I have been very happy with it, I got a three piece starter set for my son in law and he loves them as well.
  13. Just wanted to clarify that the Dewalt DCF894 as a bare tool costs $163 (USD) on Amazon while the Milwaukee 2860-20 (bare tool) costs $189 (USD) on amazon. The $279 (CAD) price you quote is not really an accurate market price since it is available at most retailers at a much lower price. The Milwaukee 2860-21 which is a kit that includes a charger, 5.0Ah battery and tote bag can be had for $289 (USD) while the DCF894P2 kit from Dewalt comes in at $343 (USD) but includes a second 5.0ah battery along with a hard case and charger. So if one were to compare apple to apples the cost per torque ft/lbs is something more like this; Dewalt 2 ft/lbs per dollar, Milwaukee 2.4 ft/lbs per dollar but that's using the prices from Amazon. All in all both of these units are great tools and it would appear the cost is very nearly the same making your choice more about which battery architecture you have bought into rather than a cost savings.
  14. Wow, thanks for making feel even better! 💲💲💲 That's some crazy prices! 😲
  15. Well with Acme Tools starting their Milwaukee Packout Black Friday Deals early I took the plunge! I knew HD was going to be offering the three piece main unit for $199.00 during the holidays (just like last year) and Acme has them for 197.00 today so I figured what the heck! Two bucks cheaper and no crowds to fight, win-win! I also got the full size slim parts bin and the half width original height parts bin as well as the 15" tool bag (the new one with the zipper closure). That ought to be a decent start. I have several ticks standing by to mount inside of them and am looking forward to the availability of the foam inserts. Thinking of setting up one box with all batteries and a rapid charger (if they will all fit) once I can get my hands on the foam. I had decided sometime ago that I was going to buy into this system and figured if I could be a little patient I could get a good deal over the holiday promo period and it worked out. I will probably stay on the lookout for other deals on Packout system stuff as we get closer to the holidays. I Still want the orbital sander (bare tool) and I am thinking if getting the One-Key Sawzall as well if I can score them at a good price...I know the pricing is at a premium for the Packout stuff but everything I've read about them and the brief time a got a hands on look convinced me they were worth it, especially when discounted, I wound up with 6 pieces for just a bit over $300.00 bucks, still a chunk of change for me (as a DIYer that is).
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