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  1. How do i get a hold of the owners so i can link my channel ?
  2. Im an union carpenter local 54 chicago. I have been working with tools as early as 5 years old on jobsites with my father(senior project manager for GC) , i started my union career building houses(framing). Moved on to residential exterior trim, then interior trim. Then for the same company on to commercial carpentry. Company got slow and i went to the city and started high rise formwork, did high rise concrete for a year, then got on with a millwork company, been doing millwork since 11 years now. I have a passion for tools , most of my cordless are milwaukee . I move around the city with about $4k in milwaukee product on a daily basis, i have a youtube channel and plan to start doing tool vids featuring realtime jobsite use. I will be demoing new milwaukee tools and any others i can get my hands on that i think are worth my time to use and make a vid on, but since i have milwaukee already that will be most of my vids. All the other guys in my company carry makita so i can do head to head tests with the makita stuff they have. I have been watching tools in action vids for years and woukd like to collaborate on a vid in the future with you guys your north burbs so not too far for us to meet up and make some vids
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