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  1. I have both and am equally happy with either one. The assist mode on the XDT12 is nice in some circumstances, but I rarely remember to use it unless I'm putting lots of screws into something that's difficult to get an initial bite into. The only other difference really is the XDT12 has 4 speeds vs 3 in the XDT14, but the extra speed option is towards the upper rpm/ipm range and that distinction hasn't been very useful to me. I think they are identical size/weight. The sub-compact (XDT15) is another great impact, but I don't think I'd rely on it as my go-to framing impact in a professional setting. Honestly, I haven't seen the XDT12 for sale much lately and on Amazon and ToolNut it is more expensive than the even fancier new XDT16.
  2. There is a protective cover that comes with the vibrator. Probably what this is.
  3. I think this is the key point with the detent plate issue. If you don't use the lockdown, or are at least careful not to overtighten it, there isn't an issue, but if you crank it down the plate doesn't holdup. Clearly this is a design issue that should be addressed, but functionally it isn't an issue since I rarely use the lockdown.
  4. Thanks all. I ended up getting a xsl06 kit and the local dealer through in an extra 2pk 5.0 batteries (4 total, a Makita promotion), a 6.0 battery, and a 80t Makita micropolish blade all for about $30 more than the big box store was selling the kit alone. To top it all off, my saw's rails were parallel with the blade out of the box, thought I did need to square the blade (as I'd expect to). I mounted it to a Rigid mobile stand and it's a pretty sweet setup. Now I need to think up some projects to justify it to my wife...
  5. Anybody with an update on their experiences or thoughts about either of these saws?
  6. Hi all, resurrecting an old topic, but I'm in the market for a miter saw and was wondering if people are still having issues with the LS1019? It looks like the slide/blade parallel issues can be adjusted away and maybe the detent issue isn't really an issue, but it would be nice if these have been addressed by Makita in newer production runs? What about the X2 cordless version? Seems like there were fewer quality control issues, but how does it compare in performance? Are they essentially the same saw? The cordless could be nice since my shop is currently non-existent and I have to work in the driveway or my 100 year old, unwired, barn. I'm already heavily invested in Makita cordless so that isn't an issue.
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