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  1. Makita is adopting the X-lock system for at least two new grinders: https://toolcraze.net/makita-joins-x-lock-with-new-18v-brushless-angle-grinder-dga519zx1-dga519rtj1/
  2. Looks like Makita is adopting Bosch's X-lock system on two new angle grinders. https://toolcraze.net/makita-joins-x-lock-with-new-18v-brushless-angle-grinder-dga519zx1-dga519rtj1/
  3. I'm in the market for a mid-torque impact wrench to replace a Milwaukee 2860-20 that met an untimely death. The Milwaukee did everything I needed, but most of my tools are Makita and I really like my Makita XMT08 high-torque impact, so I took a look at the Makita mid-torque options. Surprisingly, it seems there really isn't a brushless mid-torque option? The XWT11 I've used is under-powered (210 ft lbs) and slow. Am I missing something?
  4. Has anyone seen or heard any new info on XGT?
  5. Out of curiosity, why replace everything you already have? Why not just supplement with, or gradually transition to, Milwaukee? I have both and for most tools, either brand would be fine for 90% of my needs. I personally lean toward Makita; to me, Makita tools often have a higher quality feel, better design (with many notable exceptions), and I've had fewer issues with the tools. Also, X2 is a wonderful system. Unless you are in a particular trade, I doubt you could go wrong with either, but I also don't see how it could be necessary, practical, or economical to switch entirely from one to the other.
  6. I was wondering the same... As for the batteries, I am not particularly concerned with the lack of bigger batteries; yeah, longer run time would be nice with some tools (e.g., grinders, x2 blower, trimmer, and sds max), but I have enough batteries and chargers to cycle and in my applications that isn't a huge inconvenience. It might be for other users. However, I would like to see 21700 batteries for the increased performance potential and compactness, but only if they are able to ensure the added draw doesn't add excessive wear on the batteries or tools. These might not function with all current X2 tools, but I'd pay that price.
  7. Makita has repeatedly stated they are committed to the 18V LXT line, including X2, and that the XGT 40V is in no way a replacement. They are continuing to release and develop tools in these lines. That doesn't mean they will develop larger 18V batteries, it is a completely different question, but at least it seems XGT won't be the reason for that? The way I see it, XGT could either dampen development of higher performance LXT tools (think next generation of premium hammer drill or rear-handle saw) or facilitate such development if XGT tech trickles down to LXT. Hopefully the latter. What do others think?
  8. Looks like some good stuff being released. https://www.makitatools.com/company/press-releases/2019/makita-announces-25-new-products-and-a-clear-vision-of-a-cordless-future
  9. Several vendors have pre-orders posted. Looks like the CP pack is $350 and the XC is $600. Light is $3,000 and no price for the power supply. The CP battery is about 6lbs and the XC around 11lbs.
  10. Maybe reread paulengr's post? Also worth noting that this is running off two (it appears) 72V batteries each with 40x 21700 cells. That is a lot of juice.
  11. Milwaukee announced MX Fuel, a new cordless platform for light equipment. They are starting out with a power supply, 14" cut-off saw, breaker, core drill, tower light, and drum snake. The batteries are ginormous, but the goal is to power light industrial equipment, which they are going to great lengths to distinguish from cordless power tools. Thoughts? What would people like to see on a cordless "light equipment" platform? https://www.protoolreviews.com/news/milwaukee-mx-fuel-equipment-batteries/50750/
  12. Well, Makita's spot at the top of cordless lumens heap was short lived:
  13. I think the total will hit 250+ in 2020 meaning about 25 new tools.
  14. No mention of runtime, but some hands-on and pricing information
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