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  1. Oh, and a sub-compact area light that is basically the DML812 with a battery stuck to the back of it and a very small, simple stand to let it swivel vertically.
  2. I love the Makita sub-compact range and Toolbane's recent post of the upcoming sub-compact bandsaw got me thinking about what else I'd like to see in it. Top of my list is a brushless OMT followed by a brushless angle impact driver. Would also love a flex-click type installation driver and a sub-compact angle driver (if they could manage it). What would you guys want to see?
  3. I think the OP was referring to Makita batteries, not dewalt. The few 6.0s I have in rotation seem to last a decent bit longer than the 5.0s, but I haven't used them in something like a blower. I don't know whether the 6.0s are really worth it though given the price difference and widely available promotions for free 5.0s.
  4. Can yo provide a diagram or example of what you have in mind? Having trouble visualizing it.
  5. Jjwillac


    I haven't noticed it with mine.
  6. There are a couple patent schematics posted in the Makita battery topic.
  7. I'm surprised this hasn't been spotted or mentioned before; seems like the tripod light would be one of the major highlights (pun not intended) of their new lighting options.
  8. The XDT16 definitely has perks, and if you could find it that cheap then why not go with it, but I'd research the vendor VERY well at a price like that. I got my XDT16 for $125 and thought it was a steal... Everyone is going to value specific features differently and it might be those perks matter for what you're planning to be doing. I treat the two as 90% interchangeable. I do wish they all had 2 leds. As for power, all of Makita's top line brushless impacts fare better in head to heads than their paper specs suggest they should.
  9. Specifically, the tool knows whether the battery is using 21700 cells and adjusts performance to suit. So, the stated specs only apply if a battery with 21700 cells is used and the tool self limits with other batteries.
  10. The XDT16 is great, but I don't think it's the only Makita impact that meets those criteria. Honestly, I'd say the XDT14, XDT12, and XDT16 are pretty similar in each of those categories. The XDT14 is our go to impact; 90% of the features and frequently discounted (a local dealer had them for $80 over the holidays).
  11. My father in law has a dewalt 15ga and has had a lot of trouble with jamming and proud nails. Recently it got so bad he actually picked up the ryobi to finish a job. I recently got the Milwaukee 16ga angled and have been generally happy; comfortable, no jams, plenty of power, and fast; but the depth adjustment seems very sensitive and I have to fiddle with it more than I'd like to get good sets in a variety of materials.
  12. Makita press release says summer 2020. Two other models (XWT14 & XWT15) will be available late spring 2020. Not sure if those correspond to the models QuasarCZ posted about or are something different.
  13. So looking at this again, specifically the number (32) and arrangement of cells. What would be the voltage and ah on this? The connection appears to be XGT, but the cell count doesn't seem to work with 40V? I might just be missing something?
  14. That is exactly what I was hoping for. I may just return the 2860 I got the other day... Thanks for posting.
  15. The in handle safety switch is an interesting feature. Looks similar to the chainsaw or trimmer safety mechanisms.
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