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  1. I'm guessing so, not sure what Hercules is? But my fuel tools work with dewalt batteries and there is no issue. I've wanted to test with Metabo but no one makes adapters for their batteries and I don't have time to make one either. I guess you could just run leads from the terminals of the battery to the tool to test and check that way but I've never tried it.
  2. Must be a typo. I love the slimline 4.0! Still waiting for them and the 8.0 here 😖
  3. Or try a different nut from another grinder if you haven't already? If you have and it still happens maybe the thread is dodgy.
  4. Nice setup! For cutting FC with a circular saw a plunge saw is superior in terms of dust collection.
  5. That's true when you look at the marketing, but the majority of the tools seem to control the battery connected so there is no need for special circuitry in the adapter. I've drained my Dewalt batteries and milwaukee batteries completely using the adapters and never had issues. I think he had adapters from each brand to another and vice versa for milwaukee, dewalt, makita, ryobi and AEG and no issues arose.
  6. Let us know how it works with fine dust if you get a chance 👍I don't think it's even out for pre order here in Australia.
  7. I thought dewalt nuts have a clutch in them. Have you tried a different nut? It may be faulty.
  8. I like slide switch grinders. My old metabo cordless was a slide switch, if flexvolt came in slide switch I may have looked at that instead. I wonder if hikoki will share metabo parts, as in motors etc?
  9. I am keen to see the quality of these, just been too busy to get to any stores to test them out but they look nice!
  10. For anyone interested, I did use the AEG case for battery storage. I throw it into the truck amongst a heap of crap and it's taken a good beating and is still fully functional. I noticed warm batteries stay warm when kept in the case straight from the tool however, leaving this in the back of the truck in the sun several days when it was around and above 40 degrees, the batteries inside were definitely not hot, maybe slightly warm from the ambient temperature. When i fill it with batteries it also makes a good weapon with it's weight 👍 I'll be buying another one to fit the rest of the batteries for sure. Attached a pic with some batteries and my adapters in the orange compartment.
  11. They do exist. I found mine on Gumtree but the same seller was advertising these on eBay also. I have his dewalt-milwaukee and milwaukee-dewalt adapters.
  12. I don't see the point of a protective boot? There isn't much to protect, or should I say, there isn't much that can be easily damaged on these or on the majority of power tools today. Even the cheapest of tools will survive knocks, bumps and falls. The tools are almost worthless after a few years regardless of their condition but each to their own. I like the used look of most tools though 👍
  13. method

    2019 tools

    Looks like a lot of new cordless brushless tools are coming out this year. Track/plunge saw, cordless air compressor, 36v dust extractor, looks like a 10" cordless table saw and lots of specialty tools by the look of it! If anyone can shed some more info it would be great. I'd like to see the specs of the cordless dust extractor as opposed to the flexvolt. The CAS looks cool, I guess if you're in Europe!
  14. I can second the Bosch, excellent speed control, good power, little vibration and tool change/rotation literally takes 2 seconds with the lever and star lock.
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