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  1. If it will not take charge just jump start it with another good fully charged battery. I recently did this with an m12 battery that I hadn't used for over 6 years and it's as good as new now.
  2. Wondering when we will see DeWalts response to this line up. Everything looks so bulky on the MX platform 😕 regardless of whether it is lighter and more powerful, ergonomics play an even bigger part imo.
  3. I went out and bought one. Great machine, it kept up with my Porter Cable drywall sander. Not as powerful as my 60l shop vac but so much more portable! One question, how on Earth do you disable the low battery / flow alarm? Flicking between the two hose sizes, I notice no difference in suction? Sometimes even with the right size hose, it still beeps depending on the tool which is annoying as hell 😕
  4. I'd buy this platform for the broom alone however, as usual can't find any info on an Australian release 😖
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I ended up getting someone out from Milwaukee to demo it and it cut with ease so I bought one that day. Highly recommended tool for those looking for a good cable/tube cutter!
  6. I am looking at one of these but imagine like all vacs I've ever had, the filters will clog without hepa bags when using a drywall sander or vacuuming up lots of plaster dust?
  7. If you have both platforms, you can't really deny the fact that Flexvolt is superior to M18 in terms of power and runtime as well as battery performance. I still don't know why the batteries are so large though, unless they just look extra large in the videos it's hard to tell.
  8. Looking at one of these and was wondering if anyone has one and it if will cut 1/2" and 3/4" hard and soft drawn copper pipe ? Cuts don't need to be clean as it's for scrapping. Any feedback would be much appreciated
  9. That is exactly their problem isn't it? I believe they need to draw much more current to get the same power output as in a higher voltage tool with less current. With the same pressure or even more using 36v and 54v, the tools simply carry on working. There are many others who have the same issues I suffered, mostly with the M18 chainsaw on YouTube. The battery cooling system in Husqvarna is very well engineered. Just about every tool cools the battery when in use. Milwaukee do not even fan cool their chargers and it took forever for each battery to cool down. There is an electronic freak who pushes metabo lihd batteries to over 100 amps and they survive, I'd say mainly due to the increased build quality of the batteries. You can see tear downs online where Milwaukee have to use beefed up motors and wiring to cope with the extra heat, but the problem is right there, they don't cope. Regardless of all of the tech, using the tools is proof in the pudding. I have one of each and the Milwaukee lag behind in every single application at the moment. Back to the new platform, did anyone else notice the guy using the jackhammer is built like a tank? I wonder how heavy the unit is? Surely they could come up with a slimmer battery pack design!? My electric Husqvarna demo saws are tiny in comparison, I could only see a need for the demo saw if you couldn't get power at all.. in saying that I'm sure I'll end up with every tool in the line up, with the exception of the core drilling machine 😆
  10. Will be interesting to try these. As I said a while ago, 18v doesn't cut it. I couldn't even use my M18 grinder the other day without both the 12 and 9ah batteries cutting out after a few minutes of heavy cuttibg rendering the tool useless until they cooled down. My Flexvolt, Husqvarna and metabo never have this problem. Interested to see dewalts response to this. Those packs are huge though!
  11. You are correct, that's why I said high performance tools. One definitely wouldn't want to be using an impact gun with a 36v or twin 18v battery setup on it 😂 but I'm sure someone would!
  12. Just about every blade brand you buy locally here is universal and fits star lock. There is one brand that doesn't fit unless you drill the main mounting hole out a few mm larger, otherwise all others fit. I can see why quick fit on multitools was popular but I also doubt x lock will catch on, even though it looks cool.
  13. IMO everyone will eventually be forced to go > 18v for high performance tools. You can really see how Milwaukee have fallen behind with their larger tools as opposed to DeWalt, metabo, Husqvarna etc. 18v just doesn't cut it for consistent heavy loads. Batteries were striding along well once and during the last year not much has changed at all so hopefully we get some big announcements later on in the year or early next year! 8ah just doesn't cut it.
  14. I saw one of these for sale over the weekend while at a local tool shop, it is so much lighter than the DeWalt dcs690 yet I can't believe the guard isn't adjustable!!! Both the guard not being adjustable and the fact that the DeWalt uses a rack and pinion as opposed to a belt was enough to convince me to but another dcs690. Big miss by Husqvarna on this one! Adjustable guards are a must on any demo saw IMO.
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