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  1. method

    6.0 xr build quality

    Looking at my batteries I noticed some are made in Japan, some Korea so maybe this has something to do with it? I've never been a fan of the whole "Made in China to xxxxx strict specifications".
  2. Just wondering if anyone else follows this guy? https://www.youtube.com/user/powwersupply He tests batteries under constant load, 40A, 80A draw Etc. Just watched the flexvolt 9.0 drawing a constant 100A. The battery got to over 100 degrees celcius and worked out at 7.61Ah. If someone could translate the rest of the text it would be great! He tests various brands, metabo, dewalt, Bosch etc.
  3. method


    Did you ever end up timing the charger? If it charges a high capacity battery in 15min what was the model number?
  4. method

    6.0 xr build quality

    My flexvolt batteries are the only dewalt batteries I've ever had and right from day one I always felt like the battery casing and release are cheap. Metabo and milwaukee batteries feel much more durable, even AEG feel better than dewalt. In saying that, I've dropped my batteries from 4m directly onto a timber floor and they bounced like mad and still work fine. I've never opened one to see if the grade of plastic is the same as other brands, it looks more brittle. I am not a fan of the button release, it feels unguided and seems to twist when pushed. The batteries have never come off the tools, even hold well into the sabre saw which is the worst tool for vibration back and forth.
  5. method

    Interesting Drill Comparison

    Sparky channel annoys the absolute hell out of me, Oz Tool Talk do good comparisons without talking too much shit.
  6. Nice work 👍 what did you use to clean out the grease? It is good to see quality tools cared for. I recently repacked my metabo cordless 5" brushed grinder housing also. Funny enough the grease seems to mostly spin off and leaves almost nothing on the gears but I doubt that would be an issue as all it really needs is a film, which probably melts on and off with heat. I used high temperature/pressure moly grease which we use on our excavators/trucks and after a few minutes of letting it run it feels brand new again (also sanded the armature, cleaned out the motor which was packed full of magnetic dust which kept putting it into overload protection mode) Photos are of when I had just opened it all up. You can see how the gears look as if they have been wiped clean.
  7. method

    Hilti cordless framing gun GX90

    The dewalt framer seems to be liked by a lot but I've never used one. I myself have paslode guns and other than the fixing gun which jams more often than it probably should I have only ever used the Hitachi which is as powerful as my Senco SN4 pneumatic gun but with the bonus of cordless and no gas. No gas nd cordless is a big saving but it comes at the cost of a lot more weight. I personally dont mind weight in cordless tools but with Hitachi being a lot newer than the Dewalt and the two operating by completely different mechanisms, it's not really a fair comparison. All guns were tested for speed, power, runtime and ergonomics on a YouTube video and paslode was still the favourite.
  8. method


    No one wants us to have fast charging, that way we all have to buy more batteries which have the highest margins 😝
  9. method

    new cordless sander // DCW210B

    Or you could go hybrid 😁😁 Milwalt, Dewaukee, either way, works a treat! And the dust catcher fits with the 9.0 and adapter as well! Only went this option because Dewalt are so slow to release tools here in Australia.
  10. method

    Metabo HPT dual volt...ac or DC tools

    I have some corded milwaukee recips that have the problem. A real PITA at times. The side tab like on metabo/dewalt etc is much easier to use as chuck position is not relevant.
  11. method

    Battery release buttons

    Just wondering if anyone else prefers the metabo design of having the battery release on the tool as opposed to on the battery? I've only just realised how much more I prefer this for ease of use when disconnecting the battery from the tool. What other brands share this feature? Nothing else I own does?
  12. method


    That's correct, but keeping in mind the flexvolt 6 is 108wh, so 216wh for the two batteries and the metabo 2 x 18 is 252wh. Also it's approximately 800mm of cutting an average of 12mm steel. The section is approx 11mm and the flanges are approx 13mm. I only had 2.2mm cutting wheels also, I had run out of the 1.9mm discs. That makes quite a difference in run time.
  13. method


    In regards to the heat in the batteris - I played around and cut a 450mm H beam today. To complete the cut I went through two 6ah flexvolt batteries in the DCS690 and half of one full charge of 7ah LiHD batteries on the metabo WPB 36-18 LTX BL 230. When comparing the two one directly after the other, the Metabo has a lot more power when the dewalt is running the 6.0's, in saying that though, the dewalt has great power too and definitely has more power when I put a 9.0 in. The metabo can be pushed harder, but is more awkward to vertically cut with, and the dewalt is much more comfortable to use vertically and cuts slightly deeper. Horizontally it's the other way around, except for depth of cut obviously. The metabo batteries got warm, but not as warm as the flexvolt batteries, both packs were too hot to charge as in the photo below. The dewalt batteries also get hotter due to them being fully enclosed in the tool with its water and dust tight seal. The 9.0 got just as hot when I did another cut. After a few minutes on the charger both started to charge. It was also 32 degrees here today. I'd find it hard to believe that the batteries would get as hot as they did using these tools when using an impact driver. I've used my AEG and milwaukee impact drivers to screw 12mm coach screws into redgum non stop with 5ah batteties until flat when i put up my retainer walls and the tool nor battery got hot enough to worry about, pre drilled of course. I'm wondering what it is that is causing you so much grief when you say you always have several out for repair? Here is a quicker method of cutting the beams today (there is actually 2 x 450mm H beams in that cut) if only it was cordless and didn't weigh so much 😄 https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ap5wHcMpyIC-hZsf9RbB50Ne6zQJAQ Forgot to mention my batteries go straight onto the chargers once drained, regardless of heat and are always stored fully charged.
  14. method

    Metabo cordless 9" grinder

    I can definitely now confirm that after much use, the LiHD batteries keep a more consistent load on the tool. The 7.0ah also lasted almost three times longer than two sets of 4.0ah batteries when cutting 100x100 SHS 8mm thick. Loving this tool! Just wish metabo would hurry up and release the 8.0ah batteries!
  15. method


    Sure is! Now that will charge a high capacity batt in no time!