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  1. You are correct, that's why I said high performance tools. One definitely wouldn't want to be using an impact gun with a 36v or twin 18v battery setup on it 😂 but I'm sure someone would!
  2. Just about every blade brand you buy locally here is universal and fits star lock. There is one brand that doesn't fit unless you drill the main mounting hole out a few mm larger, otherwise all others fit. I can see why quick fit on multitools was popular but I also doubt x lock will catch on, even though it looks cool.
  3. IMO everyone will eventually be forced to go > 18v for high performance tools. You can really see how Milwaukee have fallen behind with their larger tools as opposed to DeWalt, metabo, Husqvarna etc. 18v just doesn't cut it for consistent heavy loads. Batteries were striding along well once and during the last year not much has changed at all so hopefully we get some big announcements later on in the year or early next year! 8ah just doesn't cut it.
  4. I saw one of these for sale over the weekend while at a local tool shop, it is so much lighter than the DeWalt dcs690 yet I can't believe the guard isn't adjustable!!! Both the guard not being adjustable and the fact that the DeWalt uses a rack and pinion as opposed to a belt was enough to convince me to but another dcs690. Big miss by Husqvarna on this one! Adjustable guards are a must on any demo saw IMO.
  5. Price wins for 98% of consumers, and manufacturing costs win for 99% of companies. I don't know about where you guys are but if a drill was made here in Australia it would cost $500 retail to purchase with our labour costs and taxes. I don't see tariffs working that quickly, not yet anyhow.
  6. V18s could be mounted to M18 tools by just shaving off one little bit of plastic which would stop it from mounting. Used them for years this way without any issues. Maybe you can do the same with the 28s?
  7. I once bought Milwaukee torx bits to drive in deck screws (pre drilled). I broke 5 of them for every one Ryobi or Bosch bit. Never ever purchased Milwaukee bits again after that experience.
  8. Interesting, both use the same cells so you would assume the power is the same. It really needs 15ah batteries for decent runtime. Metabo are way behind on amp hours which is the opposite of their usual standard.
  9. I had two corded Milwaukee saws and they were impressive. The worst thing was the chuck, having to twist it was a pita especially with gloves on and when it didn't stop fully retracted outwards. I liked the idea of the rotating handle, as I do with metabo grinders and also the option to switch from straight to orbital for the cut. I bought the flexvolt saw some time ago and never opened the Milwaukee cases again so I sold them both. I have the compact saw and it definitely feels faster than the flexvolt and it's awesome to use as it makes one handed cutting a breeze. I do think the flexvolt has a heap more control via the trigger speed though. Both saws are very good.
  10. Haven't been on here in ages! Would have been 9mm, I measured with my multitool at the time so not the most accurate. I haven't purchased any 8's yet. I see one store has a good deal on at the moment, 2 8's and an ultra charger for $500 I think it was so I might pick them up. I haven't used their 7" but prefer 9” anyway as the wheels are more readily available, last longer, especially when grinding and I get them very cheap these days. Where did you find the info that the 5.5s push out more amps than the 8.0's? I had my DeWalt dcs690 cut off tool stolen last week, rumours have it that a 12" model is coming out soon so I will not repurchase for as long as I can in hope it will be here before Xmas.
  11. I'm guessing so, not sure what Hercules is? But my fuel tools work with dewalt batteries and there is no issue. I've wanted to test with Metabo but no one makes adapters for their batteries and I don't have time to make one either. I guess you could just run leads from the terminals of the battery to the tool to test and check that way but I've never tried it.
  12. Must be a typo. I love the slimline 4.0! Still waiting for them and the 8.0 here 😖
  13. Or try a different nut from another grinder if you haven't already? If you have and it still happens maybe the thread is dodgy.
  14. Nice setup! For cutting FC with a circular saw a plunge saw is superior in terms of dust collection.
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