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  1. method

    Hikoki Quiet Drive impact driver

    Nice tool!
  2. method

    wingless' DCS355D1 20V MAX XR Oscillating Saw Kit

    I can second the Bosch, excellent speed control, good power, little vibration and tool change/rotation literally takes 2 seconds with the lever and star lock.
  3. method

    Ryobi battery riding lawn mower

    That's cool! Never seen anything like it here, other than the husqvarna electric mower which looks like it has a tow pack full of batteries?
  4. method

    Milwaukee Backpack vac

    I bought a shroud and ceramic grinding pad to test grind some pavers and thought I'd give it a go. Worked very well! No dust ended up in the bin of the milwaukee and the hepa filter was as clean as before I started grinding. Tapping it released no dust. You can see in the dyson bin how much grinding dust it collected.
  5. method

    Milwaukee Backpack vac

    The dyson bin is mounted on maybe a 30-40 degree angle on the vac. I want mine to be upright so I quickly slapped together a little stand for it before to test it out. I also didn't want to damage the vac in case I ever want to use it so I taped the swivel from the dyson hose to the adapter which fits snug into the inlet of the cyclone at the bottom. This also allows you to use the dyson attachments, none are powered like on my small cordless dyson but the milwaukee has enough flow to make them spin, not that I'll use any of them though. I gave the milwaukee a good clean with the compressor to see if there was any loss of suction before the cyclone and after and to be honest there may be a tiny bit (by sound) unless it's muffled through the cyclone and extra hose length but by feel I don't notice it. I vacuumed up all the dust from the jigsaw and not one spec ended up in the Milwaukee vac, or filter. I'll test it with sanding in the next few days and one day in my spare time (dreams) I'll make a nice trolley for the two to sit in and a proper mount for the cyclone. I have good intentions at least 😄 I know the inlet hose is small and I know the bin is small but my aim is to get the super fine dust when sanding, cutting etc. The bin holds a heap of sanding dust, enough to get a lot done before having to empty it. Obviously for ripping and planing the bin is too small but there isn't much fines so I could probably bypass the cyclone all together. The good thing is it's easy to use with any vac or dust extractor and making a large bin for it or sitting it on a bucket will be super easy compared to my first dyson dc01 cyclone I made because of the inlet location. The fines seem to go into the main bin and not the center of the vac eliminating the need to have the inner cone sealed off when on a large bin.
  6. method

    Hitachi multivolt

    Unless they take off I doubt we will see good value here in Australia. Kind of like Metabo, festool etc always excluded from sales at Total tools/Sydney tools. I like the look of the Hikoki tools though they look to be built quite well. Reviews of the recip saw make it look to cut super fast!
  7. method

    New Makita LS1019 10" slide saw

    I don't think something that requires tweaking, adjustment or calibration from the box should put you off your purchase. Unless you're paying an absolute premium, and I mean premium for an item then you shouldn't really worry or, unless the problem is bad like the dewalt chainsaw throwing the chain for many people due to a weak tensioning mechanism where there is no easy fix. The other thing that gets to me are when people like Matthias Wandel beat up the flexvolt table saw for small things, expecting perfection from a cheap jobsite table saw. Note, jobsite. 0.5mm off isn't going to affect your framework, the timber will vary in size and shape naturally at times. Unless you're making picture frames, or extremely high end goods, I don't think you should worry too much about perfection to the thou'. Ave does the same, I like Ave, but he bagged the multitool when clearly he doesn't use one and know it can do what other tools can't with ease, it sands very quickly with the right pads and he says it won't do fuck all by the way it moves. Also it appears that he thought spring washers are there to make it harder to undo a bolt which confused me as I assumed that in his line of work you would know the purpose of a spring washer? There are people who have been using tools he bags and says will break, fall apart etc for many years with no issues. It's best to get advice from real world users with a lot of things and not people who do tool reviews only, especially biased reviewers which there are many out there. Ultimately, you will be the best judge of tool for your application, reviews etc just help narrow down your decisions.
  8. method

    Milwaukee Backpack vac

    I'm restoring some windows and used the vac as a dust collector firstly on my Metabo ls724, then the milwaukee cordless RO and then my Bosch GOP300. After completely stripping back the window to bare timber the hepa filter was clogged, but the vac still sucked quite well. I thought I'd pick up a dyson cinetic today and use it as a separator in line with the vac. Just test fit it all now and will post results for those interested in the next few days. Need to make a support of some kind for the bin though as the inlet is at the bottom.
  9. method

    Hitachi multivolt

    Anyone got feedback on any of these? I've always thought it's a good idea for high demand tools.
  10. method

    Cordless air compressor?

    Not sure why they are so slow to release some things as AEG has had one for ages now.
  11. method

    Cordless 9" grinder

    Thanks Framer Joe (not sure how you tag usernames) just wish the runtimes were better when grinding. You can do a lot of cuts on either of the 3, but grinding on the two chews batteries quicker than any other cordless tool I've ever owned. I ended up filing the center of the flanges from my old 9" corded metabo to suit the milwaukee and it works fine. Lost the quick nut but using the key isnt really that bad. I don't trust using 1.9mm wheels without a large flange. If you use a 1.9mm wheel on the dewalt which has the small flanges, at full revs the blade warps but I always use quality brand blades so I tend not to worry if they rip apart.
  12. method

    Smoko Alarm

    The (mainly commercial) construction industry has the most powerful union here in Australia. On large commercial sites it's a 38 hour week, with a push for it to be 36 hours, or 4 days if they get their own way. You get 1 paid RDO every two weeks, there are picnic days, lock down weekends (Melbourne cup, AFL grand final, Easter, Xmas holidays) where you get almost a full paid week off for each event. Saturday's are double time and on union sites you get allowances for dust, noise, hazmat work etc. 15 minutes for morning tea and 30 minutes for lunch. It's usually about 30 min for smoko and 1 hour for lunch if your boss is slack or if they aren't around you see some guys bludging off. A site HSR who tops up the tea, coffee, milo, cleans amenities will take home an easy $100-120k per year on an EBA agreement. Yet a nurse or police officer are luck to earn 60-80k per year working shift hours. It's all kind of backwards here. Wages increase 5% minimum almost yearly for certain trades. Basically the cost if building is ridiculously expensive and for us smaller guys, you can't afford to be paying your employees all of these benefits with no return or productivity. As for wages, some brickies are charging up to $90/hr or over $1.20/brick, plumbers average $80/hr, electricians are similar, some A grade over $100/hr. The ones who don't do well are plasterers where non english speaking chinese are treated like slaves by a boss who makes all the money by paying a gang of 10 as little as $80 each/day. Usually happens on domestic jobs where unions tend not to stick their noses in. Truck drivers and owner operators are also under paid for their outlay. I could go on but that's enough ranting for one evening 😄
  13. method

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    Can't wait until it is out, either way as long as it works that's all we need to know! Metabo has one coming out that auto starts based on the frequency of the tools or something, I can't remember the details. Run time and power will be a selling point for most people you would think.
  14. method

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    I'm certain it is wireless RFID, according to the cop tool video on YouTube. The dewalt rep says wireless, not bluetooth so you don't need to pair it with any tools and you can use it with any tool brand. Might work like RC controllers? On it's own frequency with the supplied extractor?
  15. method

    Feedback on mid-torque DCF894N-XJ

    Agree, however if it's a delicate bolt or screw, whether I'm loosening or tightening I never use a power tool anyway.