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  1. I think someone should take a photo of Japanese and idk European tapes together. Just to be sure we have the same understanding of how long meter is.
  2. I think it's more of drill press
  3. You got that right, sometimes it's mistakenly thought what's more expensive - lasts longer.
  4. My house suits me well because it was designed and modeled by my sister (it’s awesome to have an AutoCAD pro sister). Plenty of space, even a room for my cat. The were some things I missed during the building: the couplings connection and the amount of concrete for fundament. As the result, the building took additional time. Don’t trust the “concrete calculator online”, better to hire a well experienced professional. And also I figured out that I’m not a such a good welder as I thought. Also took some time for me to understand how to use the generator. Later I figured out that couplings might be connected with mechanical pressuring. Usually, companies selling rods can supply you with equipment also. http://hardman-de.com as an example. But I guess all this experience will help me during the backyard tool house building.
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