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  1. Cynan

    Favorite Clamps?

    Cheers @Jronman. I’ll try find one somewhere local (and in the UK) to go take a look in person. Hesitant to buy a load to find out they aren’t what I’m after.
  2. Cynan

    Favorite Clamps?

    I have three if the smaller ones and was looking the other day to buy more and I noticed that had stopped making them. Boo.
  3. Just bought a new vac, a Festool CTL 26. I was going to go with the DEWALT as I have mostly DEWALT tools and figured they’d connect better but I really dislike the cartridge filters going into the drum design. This is replacing an old Dyson that I use currently which blocks to easily when using it with fine dust.
  4. Cynan

    Favorite Clamps?

    I’m in the market for some long clamps for gluing so will be following this thread closely. From what I’ve read so far it’s a choice between parallel and sash clamps, and from what I read parallels can fail so sash it is? I have a few short Stanley Bailey F clamps which seem to no longer be made which I quite like. Before that I tried a few quick release clamps of different manurfavtures that all seemed to fail under load.
  5. Cynan

    DS100 vs Ds150

    Thanks guys. They don’t sell the DS130 in the UK and unsure of import taxes in order to get some. So that leaves me with the DS100 (£39.99 ~$35) or the DS150 (also around £39/~$35 wen on offer). My conclusion is to buy more DS150s and give them a try. They can always be repurposed for tools, where as the DS100s would end up unused if they didn’t work out. As an aside I’m thinking of a drill rolls now too to save space which I could fit into a DS150 and ditch a big plastic case with the bits in that I use now. Thanks for all your input. Appreciate hearing how others store them tools
  6. Cynan

    DS100 vs Ds150

    Hi everyone, As I live in the UK my drill/driver & impact driver set came in a DS150. After using that for a while I started to think about investing into the Toughsystem and so recently bought the racking system which came with a DS150, DS300 and DS400 in a Black Friday deal. My next decision is, do I replace my current organisers which I have 4 of, for screws/plugs, nails, clips, and plumbing bits with either DS100 or DS150s (no DS130s here). For those that have both, are the yellow pots the same and cross campatible? Are they the same depth? Anyone prefer one to the other? The DS100 doesn’t have the top handle but I guess it’s not a problem as can be carried underneath my drill/impact set. Perhaps I’m looking at it all wrong. Rather than carrying an organiser with all possible screws and plugs, perhaps I should only carry a few in a DS150 with the impact driver, and drill bits and the drill in another DS150. Hmm. Oh and I’ve enjoyed reading the other topics from you all, especially the ones with photos of your boxes and layouts. Some of you clearly have far to many tools!
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