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  1. Don Monfils

    On sale at home depot

    I was just in Home Depot and they have an extra $50 off either of these kits. My work is a little slow now so, I didn’t get one. The 3 piece kit has a 5 and a 6 amp hour h.o. battery.
  2. Don Monfils

    What tools did you buy today?

    I got this Milwaukee M18 heat gun for Christmas. I used it for the first time, the last 2 days on outside corners on vinyl wall base. It is awesome. The weight of the battery makes it very stable when setting it on the floor.
  3. Don Monfils

    M18 Fuel 18 gauge brad nailer

    I was speaking to a Milwaukee sales rep at Home Depot and he had mentioned, not using any type of coated nails (like paslode nails) in the M18 gun. He said he gets his nails at Lowes I believe he said he used porter cable nails and had no fastener jams . I think I might pick one up and if I am not happy with it I will return it .
  4. Don Monfils

    M18 Fuel 18 gauge brad nailer

    Do any of you guys use this brad nailer? I was thinking about purchasing one . I have a paslode 18 gauge cordless nailer that was a Christmas gift 3 years ago. I love the tool when it works , between the maintenance of cleaning the tool and the drive blade breaking three times in three years , i am thinking about retiring the tool. I have a paslode 15 gauge angled finish nailer that is over 10 years old that has been a great tool. Also I have a 25-year-old porter cable pneumatic 18 gauge brad nailer that has never needed servicing and has never let me down. I use the 18 gauge, mainly to install baseboards and quarter round/ shoe molding. I like the convenience of not dragging out an air compressor and hose, especially when we’re doing a small bathroom on the second floor of a home . I have read some reviews on the Milwaukee and would like to hear your thoughts on it.
  5. Don Monfils

    wingless' DCS355D1 20V MAX XR Oscillating Saw Kit

    Good to know ... thanks
  6. Don Monfils

    wingless' DCS355D1 20V MAX XR Oscillating Saw Kit

    What do you not like about the M18? i have had several OMT’s, I mainly use the Fein multi master for undercutting door casings. I find the blades last much longer when used on a slower speed (2-3) The DeWalt doesn’t have a speed dial, the variable speed is in the trigger. I had a Rigid tool, and it was difficult to keep it a consistent speed , unless it was full throttle. i thought about getting a M18 but I have never tried one .
  7. Don Monfils

    Another new guy

    Hello, I stumbled upon this forum a week or so ago. I am a flooring contractor from upstate New York , since 1988. We install almost anything thet goes on a floor including hardwood , porcelain, laminate, vinyl products, and carpet. I love tools... I was a big DeWalt fan but have been acquiring quite a few Milwaukee tools over the last few years. I am looking foreword to getting in on some conversations here.