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  1. I'd imagine the idea is to keep weight down and compactness, and still achieve more power? I have a lot of 18 volt and 36 volt Makita, and am happy with the performance and weight of both types, so I'm not over excited about the new platform. I guess if I started buying the new 40 volt stuff and acquiring a few batteries along the way, I may feel different.
  2. Cordless Steve


    Not bothered about a light but, I dearly hope they release a 36 v table saw, and quick.
  3. I guess having the option is handy but, my company has now gone almost completely cordless for site and mobile work, so we have a lot of batteries, and I do mean a lot, so it’s never been an issue with our saws. I believe De Walt also offer AC/DC mitre saws in 10”
  4. Haha! I knew it was fake before I opened the post. That thing might make a doorstop.
  5. Take the blades out, and see if the drum rotates, you may have put the wrong blades in (too wide) maybe?
  6. Cordless Steve


    I’m a general builder, carpenter by trade. I have been a very long time Makita buyer, and always have a lot of cordless tools. I don’t want to tempt fete but, never had any issues with the batteries. Charging the batteries can take longer in extreme cold, and they don’t like to be overheated but, any of these type of batteries are of the same characteristics, not just Makita. Most of my gear now is brushless, this gives a very noticeable longer run time with the tools, compared to brushed equivalents. Although I have a lot of batteries, I try and rotate them in use. As any of this type of battery doesn’t like sitting unused for long periods. So, it’s a good idea to have plenty of batteries but, not so many that some don’t get used much. Generally, the cordless Makita gear and batteries are very good.
  7. I am a big and long time Makita fan but, without any shadow of a doubt Fein make the best OMT’s and by a fair margin. I had two early Makita 18v OMT’s, they were made of cheese! I then bought a Fein 18v Supercut, the difference as anybody that owns one will know, is night and day. Trouble is, they were so powerful (equal to mains power) that the batteries used to melt and weld themselves to the body. Mine went back twice, I asked why the tool with a high price tag, didn’t have a shock absorber between the battery and case? Guess what? The lates version does. Make no mistake, Fein make the best OMT’s trouble is, they’ve sewn up the new expensive blade system. Great tool though.
  8. Fein actually make the multi tool for Festool.
  9. Cordless Steve

    AWS Tools

    Well, I‘ve been using the saw and extractor for about a week solid now. The saw cuts as well as I had read about, and now I’ve got to grips with it, I love it more every time I use it. I have been a long time Makita owner/user and own a lot of their cordless stuff, so this saw seemed the right choice. I nearly went for a corded Festool but I now know I made the right choice. Can’t think of any negatives, maybe the rear bevel lock clamp is a bit fiddly, especially if you have big hands? Not really a big issue though TBH. The dust extractor: At first I thought it was going to be underpowered but, I was surprised and pleased to find that it’s not. It copes fine with the plunge saw, very little dust escapes with each pass and the Bluetooth is solid. I also used other tools with the extractor including some corded tools. It coped fine with a corded palm sander, and also the cordless finishing sander. It also coped with a corded biscuit joiner, and cordless multi tools. The only tool I tried that allowed dust of any quantity to escape was my cordless 1/4” router. To be fair it may be the way I was using the router, as some scenarios were better than others. I haven’t yet used the extractor with my miter saw, so I will report back when I’ve done so. Even though I have other extractors, I will keep this one for convenience. The only improvement I can think of, would be to make this AWS version AC/DC. generally, I love both the saw and extractor, and would recommend both. Steve👍🏻
  10. Cordless Steve

    AWS Tools

    I have the AWS plunge saw and vac coming this week, Once I’ve had a play, I’ll report back.
  11. There was a brushed version a while back but, the BL version has as mentioned been out a good few years. I have a pair of them, and they’ve been very good tools. The overload cut out is quite sensitive though, well at least on mine which are a few years old now. It’s not a regular issue, and only seems to be on the faster speed. Nice little drills though, I bought chucks for mine when I bought them. Surprised they weren’t more popular.
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