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  1. The last Post I found regarding the R8804 caulking gun was in 2012. There wasn't really a specific symptom associated with repair of cold solder joints to help me compare with the bug that I had with my caulking gun, however, the post was appreciated. That is an excellent way to fix some issues on circuit card assemblies with regards to components, but especially with wires and connectors. I'm not sure if anyone still owns this cordless tool, but hopefully this information will be of some benefit to someone. I was caulking the T111 grooves on a shed I built in 2000 and repainting it. As I went through a few tubes of Quad caulk, I noticed that the speed could no longer be adjusted to a slower speed. It would work only at full speed which made it a little harder to control the flow. There are only 2 circuit card assemblies. The one that fixed the problem was from the Rigid R8804 diagram: KEY 16 P/N 270264001 CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY You can get it from eReplacementParts for approximately $25.00