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  1. Yeah, I was talking about switching the innards of one drill to another shell, or at the very least putting the chuck assembly from the 181A into the 181 that I have. After looking into it more though, I think I'm just going to eBay the 181 and get a 183 or a GSB18V-535CB15
  2. I'm pretty heavily invested in the Bosch 18v Lithium platform and recently acquired a DDS181. The case is in rough enough shape that I want a new one and I like the metal chuck more (just personal preference). I don't care if I have the 181 or the 181A case. I'm curious how compatible these two models are, if at all. Will the chuck from the 181A mate to and fit in the 181? Could I take all the guts from a 181 and put it into a 181A case with a 181A chuck? Would love to hear from anyone with experience with these tools.
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