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  1. I had the old 18V DeWalt drill and light and needed a sawzall so . The trigger failed and DeWalt said I abused it. So I thought Milwaukee was a upgrade. Got Hammer drill/ impact brushless and a free Sawzall. The trigger failed and it was replaced under warranty. Lately after about 4 years from getting saw the blade release will not work. Milwaukee said that is normal wear. Just what sawzall will act like a timex watch - take a beating and keep on ticking??
  2. My Milwaukee will not release the blade. Saw was sent in for switch and barrel cam replacement and 1 year later Milwaukee said it is normal wear and will not replace the parts. The fix cost more than a NEW saw.
  3. Bought hammer/drill & impact with free sawzall March2015. Saw had switch handle kit and barrel cam replaced at Aug2017. I had trouble replacing blades after repair. Finally, sent to repair and Milwaukee said it is normal wear. A 72 year old can wear out the blade release in 12 months (stuff in storage 8months). This is bull. The repair disassembled it and as per OSHA will not put it back together. I had a working saw just trouble replacing blades; now I will have pieces. The saw never once stopped cutting when I think back it should have went into over temperature. I rate the blade release very poor design hence if one includes the sawzall in a tools kit do not buy Milwaukee.
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