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  1. And promised......here are the email exchanges from DeWalt.......not very productive. I mentioned a class action suit just to see if they escalate this to someone who can provide an answer.
  2. Understood....BUT how old are these batteries you send back?
  3. I have written the following to DeWalt. Let's see what the response will be. I have a Flexvolt battery that failed. After charging it only shows 1 bar. I went to turn it in for warranty and the technician asked where I store the battery when not in use. I indicated that I stored it in my home workshop. After testing the battery he indicated that it had failed because I did not charge it on a monthly basis. He said, "If you don't eat for a week, what happens?" I responded that I get weak and ill. He said the same applies to the battery and that they fail if not charged at least monthly. I think that this is a real problem for DeWalt if this is true. There is no warning or instructions that this is necessary. I also saw two others at the warranty center returning batteries for the same reason. This seems to be an issue. How will deWalt handle this? What if I have other batteries fail? How long will you honor the warrantees on these batteries? Please advise Ray
  4. I returned a Flexvolt today to a warranty center. This is what I was told. I was told that the batteries need to be recharged at least once a month or they will fail. This was told to me by the technician at the warranty center. He said that the circuit board fails if not recharged regularly and that the batteries should not stay on the shelf for more than a month. If this is true, then DeWalt will be confronting LOTS of problems. Has anyone heard something similar?
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