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  1. Trimmer on this video is like mine. I'm doing all that right, though. So why is the line melting and sticking? Is that normal?
  2. Hello, I am Charlotte, made in 1971 and I just looking for people, especially, craftsmen, to chat with. I do not have so much to say about me. I like to do gardening, reading my Bible and surf the internet.
  3. Thanks a lot, I already figured it out
  4. Last fall after we moved here (Kwethluk) I bought a Stihl trimmer from the local guy. He showed me how to use it and sold me the nylon line for it (Stihl "Premium Quality Trimmer Line, .080/2.0 mm). I can now start the trimmer without much trouble, and I am getting better at bumping it to feed the line, so I'm making progress. But I spend a lot of time messing with the line. Sometimes it melts onto itself or onto the plastic spool, then won't feed. It breaks far too often. It gets caught beneath itself in the spool. How can I better manage the line? Is there a better brand? I already keep it out of the sun and in the garage (cool), not the hot shed, and I don't put much on the spool at one time. Also, when I put the spool on the trimmer, how tight should I tighten the cap thing? I don't make it tight, because it needs to move when bumped - but how much should it be able to be moved? I am also thinking about buying a new lawn mower, as I am tired of this old one. I recently ordered a new gas grass trimmer HUSQVARNA from online shop but never received it due to delivery problems.
  5. Yesterday I ordered an excellent (by the reviews) gas grass trimmer on the internet. Its HUSQVARNA 967055801 and I just wonder if anyone here has experience in using this grass trimmer. Now I'm very excited to get it in 2 days.
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