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  1. In this project I built a lamp from a combination of wood and iron Of course I used recycled materials like building iron and wooden panels from a storage box and the perfect result! My wife loved it.
  2. Homemade metal bender constructed from a large bearing and bar stock. Useful for bending flat or round bar stock.
  3. A very nice project I did, "tablechair" both a small table and a chair. A great piece of furniture that can also be used as a small table next to the living room TV armchair and also as another chair in the house that can fit into my wife's makeup corner. I built the "deskchair" from a 50X50 iron profile and oak boards and glued and made one surface from them. I love this combination of iron and wood and this nice desk chair joins a couple of other tables that I built a living room table and dining table. I used all the same profiles and the same tree.
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