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  1. Hi! I wonder if anyone is familiar with this problem. I have a few Makita 18v batteries of which one is not charging anymore. Its a 3.0 amp one model BL1830. When I put it in my charger (Dc18rc) nothing happends. The light on the charger stays blinking green (which means it is receiving power) while on a healthy battery the light would change to a red one to indicate is is charging. I've checked the connections and the terminals are fine and I rubbed the yellow connector with rubbing alcohol to see if that solved the problem but no luck there. I've charged the battery with a booster cable and measured its voltage and its giving me 15.5v (max of the charger cable). When I put it in a tool the tool works. I'm thinking it might be a fried board or something as the battery itself is healthy but there is a clear problem as the charger won't pick it up. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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