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  1. Stihl & Redmax are tough to beat. One thing to look for IMO is "CC" or engine size. You got to have enough "cc" in order to have sufficient power. I like the most power I can physically handle. For me its a minimum of 29cc engine size. I won't go any smaller than that, or you cant cut thick tough weeds/grass efficiently. Get a Stihl FS 111RX, great power to weight ratio (31cc engine, 10lbs.) Or a Redmax BCZ3060TS (29.5cc/12lbs) Either one of these units will flat out get the job done, and last a long time.
  2. Ended up purchasing the XWT08Z this evening. Local independent dealer always has fair prices that usually meets and most of the time beats the box stores and online tool stores. This tool was $229 = tax, which I thought was fair, most online shops had it for $249, Amazon did have it for $205 + tax, but I'd rather buy from my local independent tool shop, even if it costs a few bucks more, I can live with that. Would rather support the little guy. I must admit, when they get the XWT17 in stock, I'll probably have to have it, lol.
  3. Any guess when the new XWT17 will be available to order through dealers? im real close to buying the XWT08Z but this new mid range model might just fill all my needs.
  4. 516 lbs of fastening torque, wonder if it will have extra removal torque for breaking loose nuts?
  5. Wondering if this 7 1/4" circular saw is still in production or has it been discontinued. This saw with the front shoe plate adjustment was my all time favorite circular saw. I own 1 & will never part with it. Probably the Best Circular saw ever made IMO.
  6. I've owned this inflator for a few months now. Pros: Very compact and lightweight profile. Easily fits under a car seat, easy to take out on ATV/Side by side. Don't be fooled by it only using a 12v battery. This thing will run great on 12v. I have both 2.0 & 4.0 amp hour 12 v batteries, I have yet to see anything in normal usage that the 2.0 amp hour battery cant perform. Cons: Only one, no trigger lock. I sold my Dewalt 20vmax inflator when I switched brands over to Makita. That said, I still prefer the Makita even without a trigger lock over my previous Dewalt inflator. Its just so much more compact and lightweight.
  7. I like the S-K X-Frame ratcheting wrenches for all around performance/value for the $. If $ is no issue, Go With the Snap On XL Hi performance wrenches. They have extended lengths for extra leverage.
  8. Own several of the 12v tools, Just ordered the Brushless Jigsaw (VJ06Z). Considered getting the 18v jigsaw ($259), but just couldn't see any benefit over the 12v brushless. Its not like your ripping 2x framing material with a jigsaw, usually jigsaw work is more about precision rather that brute force type work. I already have a couple of the 4.0 amp hour 12v batteries which are a big plus. After recently switching to Makita from Dewalt, these 12v lineup of tools/batteries are very impressive. I have the brushless Impact driver & Compact drill, those 12v tools are sweet, so much power and so compact. For most of my tasks around the house I always prefer to reach for my 12v tools over my 18v tools for Most things. But I do have several of Makita 18v tools also for those specific tasks. Really hope Makita continues to support and expand the 12v CXT tools. Dewalt's 12v lineup was weak compared to Makita.
  9. Carlyle Tools by Napa have the most comfortable grip IMO. They can be found at your local NAPA store or on Ebay. I prefer them over my Craftsman professional & my Klein screwdrivers.
  10. Im partial to the 16 Ft. Tape measures. Give me a PowerLock 16 with a metal case, pretty much perfection IMO.
  11. Called my local Makita Dealer today and told him to order the RD1101 (D handle, 2 1/4 HP corded model). I think the idea of having the trigger built into the d handle will add in both control and safety. Now I have to purchase a few Router bits (Roundover, Ogee, etc.) I see that they come in both 1/4" & 1/2" Shank sizes, and this router comes with both size Collets. I've heard that 1/2" size shanks perform better. Any truth to this? Any tips or advice on bits.
  12. After watching some YouTube video reviews of the Cordless Compact Makita Router, I'm starting to lean in that direction. It has 2 features I like, and LED light & a button to lock the shaft during bit changes. I already have Four 5.0 Amp hour batteries, so a bare tool would be more economical. And this will be mostly used for Roundovers on interior shelving and garage hobby type work, etc.
  13. Looking to buy my 1st ever Router, Looking at the D handle Makita model RD1101. I'm thinking the D handle version will aid in Controlling the tool during use. Any tips or advice?
  14. I own this charger. I basically put my 18v Dual charger up in the cabinet, as this dual 12/18v charger covers everything.
  15. Hello, Newbie from Eastern KY. Mike Bartley DIY user of tools, but prefer Pro level performance so I try to invest in the best quality tools I can possibly afford. Have watched the YouTube videos of TIA for some time now, discovered the website, and decided to join the forum. Thank You to TIA for this tool information resource.
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