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  1. Many shops are ditching their air tools or at least their air impact guns for cordless electric impact guns. The Milwaukee Fuel seems to be the standard now. It's a beast that will easily remove front wheel drive axle nuts. 1400 lbs ft of reverse torque. I just saw Harbor Freight has a clone of it. I've used the Milwaukee Fuel, but haven't tried the HF clone. HF does have a corded impact gun that's decent for the price. Will easily remove lug nuts. Not sure of the torque rating.
  2. New guy from Florida. I work on cars and remodel houses. Having to start over with my automotive tool collection. Where I live now, there's not a decent supply of quality used tools for a good price, like there is/was in California. I got burned by Craftsman back in the 1990s and early 2000s, when they discontinued a ton automotive tools that had a lifetime warranty. I had bought a lot of stuff new, but stupidity didn't keep the packages or receipts. I was SOL when it came time to warranty them. No replacements and no refunds. Because of that I'd have a hard time buying anything Craftsman now.
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