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  1. Hi All - If you want to make the DWS716 Type 20 miter saw an XPS lighted miter saw it is actually quite easy. I purchased the N030317 Dewalt XPS Worklight off Amazon for $23.00. I then searched around the house for an old generic USB charger as USB chargers operate at 5V with at least 500mA of current and the XPS worklight operates from 5V roughly 380mA of current so a USB charger is a perfect AC to DC converter. If you open up the USB charger and remove the PCB inside you can install it in the handle of your saw, there is plenty of room. The input side of the PCB (120VAC) will get connected to the AC input of the saw in the handle. and the output of the USB charger will get connected to the XPS light you installed on the saw. I included a rocker switch to be able to shut off the light when the saw is plugged in and idle. The light works perfect. Total Cost $23.00 + approx 12" 22AWG wire ($0.23) and an old USB charger laying around the house. A simpler modification would be to install the light and cut the phone end connector off a phone charging cord, find the + and - wires inside and connect appropriately to the XPS light. then just plug the light in when you want to use the saw using a USB charger. I wanted my installation to look like the saw came with it so mine is all nice and tucked away inside the handle where it can't be seen sans the on/off switch I installed on the top of the handle. Cheers Brian
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