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  1. Hi Everyone, I've just joined you all, I'm a carpenter in refurb /construction in the UK, I do like a power tool and a gadget, and this looks like a great place to discuss both, so look forward to taking with you soon, take care.
  2. Hi I'm in the UK and use a Milwaukee M18 Fuel CCS55 circular saw professionally, it's always performed flawlessly but lately (it's about 3 years old now) I can make a cut stop the machine go to make another cut and it will not start again sometimes I can give it a sharp tap and it will start sometimes I have to leave it a couple of hours, sometimes overnight, the saw isn't over heating or putting stress on the battery, I've tried a freshly charged battery but it still will not start. I've tried blowing through the vent on the motor I just can't work it out, has anyone come across this, I love the saw it's a great bit ok kit but this is really bugging me.
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