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  1. Hi I’m Matt coming to you from Hercules CA. I’m a general contractor and carpenter and have been a woodworker since I was a kid. Hope you all have a great day.
  2. Hi folks, I’m assuming that this conversation is about Craftsman date codes. I’ve been all over the net just looking at these forums. I believe that some are correct and some are wrong when they date their machines. My Craftsman table saw is a 113.298761, so it’s made by Emerson. The date code is 92211.0470. I have 5 numbers in front as opposed to only having 4. The number 9 is not for “89” or “99” as some would believe. The first 2 digits ate for the year “1992”. The next three digits are probably for “Feb. 11”. How did I deduce this? Because I bought the saw brand new in October of 1992 and I still have the original owner’s manual with the original receipt stapled inside. Also, the date on the owner’s manual (part no. SP5396) is 01/91. The date on the manual is the date the manual was printed not necessarily the model year of the saw. Think like it’s a car. They start putting out model 2020 cars in 2019. Probably the same for tools.
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