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  1. I found a Facebook page of Craftsman collectors. I'll also try posting there. Maybe Sears just didn't make many of these two optional accessories and got rid of any inventory when they sold off the Craftsman name?? Plus, we are talking about 35 years ago when tool was made! Oh, well. Thanks.
  2. Hi Wingless - I printed out the same manual. The round disc sander and table part are optional accessories and that is why they are just dark outlined in the picture. The one I inherited has a little metal bump out cover over that side of motor. If I had the accessories, I'd just pop cover off and attach to that side of motor. Thanks.
  3. Hi All, I just inherited a 1x24 Craftsman belt sander model 113.22570 (circa 1974). I'm looking for two accessory options they made. Called ereplacementparts.com (official Craftsman parts site) but they did not carry those accessories. Google didn't result in anything, either. disc attachment #9-22573 table attachment #9-22574 Any ideas appreciated, thanks! Pete
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