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  1. I haven't adjusted the tracking yet, although I did think about it. The reason I didn't is that it tracks fine under no load. And after re-installing the blade for the second attempt, it cuts fine. It just doesn't like that fresh cut for some reason. Quite odd.
  2. I have the p590 18v bandsaw and (almost) love it. The only issue I'm having is EVERY SINGLE CUT I make, the blade binds and derails. I'm am electrician, using it to cut emt conduit, spiral flex, pvc-coated spiral flex and threaded rod (3/8 and 1/4"). It cuts all these things great, but boot until the second attempt. I start the saw off the material, bring the blade into it and poof. About 1/16" into the material, blade binds and comes off the wheel. Put it back on and go again, no problem. Anyone have any ideas to resolve this? I'm almost ready to chuck it and go buy the Milwaukee, and a set of batteries. But I'd rather pay rent, they're about the same.
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