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Found 84 results

  1. Dewalt DW744 motor repair?

    Something is wrong with the electric motor of a Dewalt DW744 portable table saw that I inherited. Smoking, and not working. Is it worth it to fix it, or too expensive? Should I even bother to take it to an electric motor repair shop? Thanks.
  2. GIE+Expo 2017?

    GIE+Expo 2017 was last week. Aren’t there usually updates by pro tool reviewers day-to-day during these events? Dewalt was on the exhibitor list. I’m pretty heavily invested in 40V and ready to spend more money!
  3. Hi, having recently bought a 54V flex volt SDS plus rotary hammer drill with 9.0ah batteries, have they bought out a onboard dust management system to go with it? I see the 1" 20V max rotary hammer does but yet to see a picture of one attached to a flex volt SDS plus rotary hammer. any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated
  4. DeWalt Power Planer leaving streaks

    I'm trying to plane a board and I don't have access to a super wide, industrial planer so I'm trying to use my 3" wide, DeWalt power planer to get out all the humps. But every time I plane across the whole thing it makes these little streaks from the edge of the blade. Is this normal? Should I just get a belt sander to smooth them out or is there a particular planing pattern that I need to follow to help prevent these streaks? See attached file. (the wood is white oak).
  5. Hi People, First things first, I'm and electrician Based in NZ and all my current power tools are DeWalt XR (pretty much the same as 20V Max). I'm in the market for an SDS plus Rotary hammer, and need some advice on which to go for. i'm looking at either the DeWalt Flexvolt SDS plus kit with 2 x 9.0ah batteries and a charger for $1200.00 NZD, or a Milwaukee M18 Fuel CHPX with 2 x 5.0ah batteries and a charger for $980.00 NZD. i'm constantly drilling 25mm (1") holes so the smaller DeWalt 18V SDS plus just won't do, therefore either way i'm going to need to buy into another battery platform. in the future I will also be in the market for a recip saw, grinder and right angled drill (Milwaukee hole hawg or Dewalt Stud and Joist drill) so when choosing a new platform would need to consider this also. I can't find any comparisons online for the two rotary hammers so what do you guys think would be the best choice?
  6. 60V max vs 54V XR

    hi guys, In NZ we have the 54V XR flexvolt tools compared to the american 60V max flexvolt tools. One tool that we can't buy here is the flexvolt stud and joist drill. So my question is if I were to have NZ authorised 54V XR flex volt batteries could i buy the american 60V max stud and joist drill bare tool from a parallel importer and use my 54V XR batteries to power it cheers
  7. DEWALT DCN650 Finish nailer

    Hey guys does anyone know when Dewalt will be releasing the DCN650 15 Gauge finish nailer in AUSTRALIA and has anyone used one. id really like to get my hands one as i already have the DCN660 which is awesome but would love the 650 so i can use my Airgun nails. cheers
  8. DeWalt Power Planer leaving streaks

    I'm trying to plane a board and I don't have access to a super wide, industrial planer so I'm trying to use my 3" wide, DeWalt power planer to get out all the humps. But every time I plane across the whole thing it makes these little streaks from the edge of the blade. Is this normal? Should I just get a belt sander to smooth them out or is there a particular planing pattern that I need to follow to help prevent these streaks? See attached file. (the wood is white oak).
  9. Dewalt Landscaping machines

    Somebody here that have some experience with the power Landscaping machines of dewalt? So yes can you tell me what you think of it. http://www.dewalt.com/en-us/products/power-tools/shop-by-cordless-platform/outdoor-power-equipment-platforms
  10. DeWALT Power Station

    I saw that on Home Depot the DCB1800M3T1 (portable power station) is $499.99 with a flex volt and three 20v batteries. Seemed like a good deal to me... anyways, does anyone have one that can give some advice on the unit? I saw the rep run one and I thought it looked pretty handy, but she naturally is going to say all of the positives. Any feedback would be great. Thanks, FB82
  11. cordless Tool Platforms

    What is the best tool platform. Debatable but manufactures have there strengths and unfortunatlly have there weaknesses I perfer Makita, Dewalt etc what do you perfer and what are your opinions.
  12. flexvolt jumpstart

    so i was with a buddy of mine and we had to improvise, lol and YES it worked!!! is this a TIA first ?
  13. DHP 482...

    I bought a 10.8v Makita Driver last week and while its been great (& compact) for light work... It has since proven inadequate. I'm going to mount a bike rack to a concrete column & some tensile cables to hang curtains (don't judge me...) into concrete & the 10.8v is not up to the job. The sales guy informs me that a 12v with hammer action in the same size will be in tomorrow, but TBH, I'm better off with an 18v. Most of my needs are around assembling furniture and mounting stuff to walls, but I need one drill that can do everything... What's the consensus on the Makita DHP482? It's not brushless & I believe it only comes with one battery (3ah), but I'm an occasional user, so not putting it under much pressure. Don't focus on the price... The market is limited where I live, so we don't have much options. Also, I have to buy from Ace, because I need to return the last drill. It does come with a decent set of bits... I suppose the other option is DeWalt. https://www.aceuae.com/en/ace-uae/makita-dhp482-hammer-drill-driver--75-drill-bits-969480#pdp_box_img_1[pp_gal]/0/
  14. This monster comparison is out biggest yet! 7 brands. Mike and I have put in 75 hours all up ... :/
  15. Custom work bench diy

    made these custom work benches and painted them, then sprayed on the logos over custom made stencils, also added lockable castor wheels! plan on making a metallica edition one soon.
  16. I have a DEWALT Portable Hand Planer (D26676) and I can't seem to find a dust collection bag that fits the this tool. It's not just a regular circle so I can't just use some adapter that would fit it. Does anyone have a solution to this?
  17. Impact wrench boot

    Has anybody seen/heard of a protective boot being made for DeWalt's new brushless impact wrenches? The tool can only live through so much.
  18. Dewalt Homemade Cordless Router

    When you need it Cordless but your Favourite Brand doesn't have one in their Line-up, it's time to start 'Modding'.. My Version of Deawalt 18v (20v Max) Li-ion Cordless 1/4" Router... And yes, it is Flex Volt compatible...
  19. Finally got it,yup yup

    Man.... I tried to get this for a long time....I know it's not a big deal ,but I'm all about being organized and saving space....I tried buying this at Canadian Tire,no go..I tried buying this in the only stores I could find it,,HD in Texas ..they refused to sell it me ,even if I paid for fed ex to pick it up ...at any price.....I mean it's just a Compact,jump starter,compressor,USB charger but I always tried to be prepared for the worse...I relied on my anker charger (worked great) and my Ryobi compressor (works amazing ) for years....but this is Dewalt man ,Dewalt ....jk...HD in my area finally had it online.....I just had to have it ...you know what I mean ?
  20. I have the Dewalt DW735 thickness planer and I absolutely love it. It is by far the best thickness planer I have ever used. To get anything better, I think you need to at least double the price of this unit...($1000+) After talking with Rich @rrmccabe last night and talking with a buddy at work that has the same unit, I started looking at this unit in Amazon. My buddy at work just bought some new carbon tipped knives from infinity and asked what I had. I bought two sets of Powertech hardened steel knives for about half of what he paid for the carbon ones. This led us to talking about helical cutter heads. I didn't realize that they made a direct replacement for the dw735 planer on Amazon. He said that he saw the replacement head under $400 in the past and was waiting for it to drop more. I just checked it out and noticed it is just over $500 right now. If it ever does get under $400, I'll be all over it. The only knock on the DW735 is how long the knives last on it. They are prone to nicks and need to be changed at least yearly for me. If I can switch over to a helical cutter, I know I can get at least 4 years+ out of the replaceable knives on the cutter head. Also, these cutters are supposed to be so much more quiet. Has anyone switched over to the helical cutter head yet and if so, how do you like it? Here is the link that I have to the helical cutter head. This cutter is supposed to be situated a little differently than standard heads, but I don't know much about that yet. https://www.amazon.com/Byrd-Tool-Shelix-cutterhead-Dewalt/dp/B008CS2QAE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1484592612&sr=8-1&keywords=helical+cutterhead
  21. So what are your thoughts on a portable table saw for a woodworker? I know a lot of people who are stuck for space like me or are on a tight budget do it but what I don't know is exactly what kind of accuracy they receive. I do expect a lot from my tools, for example, I expect this to give me good reliable accurate repeatable cuts with a very accurate/solid fence that once set up correctly it will stay there! The first thing I will be doing is putting a new high-quality blade in it just to make that clear! As for the mitre slots as long as they are parallel to each other and I can adjust the table so they will run parallel with the blade I'm happy. I know better than to expect the mitre gauge to be useful for anything more that a paper weight. I will be making many jigs and probably buy a quality aftermarket mitre gauge. And also a flat table as without that I am completely wasting my time! I Have narrowed it down to two saws. But do point out any other saw thats along these lines that may be worth taking a look at. Bosch GTS 10 XC 254mm Table Saw. DEWALT DWE7491 240V 250MM TABLE SAW 825MM RIP CAPACITY. When looking at the at the couple poor reviews(only 2% give a one-star rating for the DeWalt saw) for either of these saws they are often due to things like previously mentioned... accuracy of fence, the flatness of table, mitre slots are not parallel. And even how much side to side play is there on the Bosch sliding table? It makes me wonder are they unlucky or is it that most people wouldn't check or even notice these things as they do not work / expect the accuracy that I and they select few do? I would greatly appreciate hearing what ye have to say mo matter what it is. I don't believe I am the only one in this boat! Thanks, Jack.
  22. Hey Crew, I'm debating as to which one I should get. I really like the compact size and weight of the DeWalt 20v, problem is that I don't have any DeWalt 20v tools (I've given them to my brother after going red) I already of a butt load of Milwaukee Fuel tools and batteries, so that's a plus in the Milwaukee direction. How much bigger is the Milwaukee compared to the DeWalt? If the size is kinda close, I think I'll stick with Milwaukee. I prefer the DeWalt for what I will be using it for (mainly cutting 2x4 and some trim work) I haven't went down the Miter Saw aisle at my HD in a while. Do they have the M18 Fuel Miter over there?
  23. Hi, I basically don't know anything about power tools, so I need some help. I just got a jigsaw, the dewalt dcs331, and I'm having a tracking problem. I know jigsaw's aren't meant for cutting perfectly straight lines, but regardless, for almost every blade I have (a set of 6), each one has a tendency to pop up and to the left off the tracker. The tracker is on the back of the blade, and is simply a wheel with a groove. Even when I have a straight edge lined up with the foot of the saw, the blade still ends up veering left, and bending, making a slightly slanted line. Is there a way to adjust this? Reviews say that this is a very nice saw. Is this something that just happens with all jigsaws? One possible problem could be saw dust. It has gotten quite dusty, so I'll clean it out soon an see if that makes a difference. Any replies are greatly appreciated. This is the saw: http://www.dewalt.com/tools/cordless-saws-jig-saws-dcs331b.aspx
  24. As you know Dewalt just came out with their cordless miter saw, the Flex Volt. Milwaukee just came out with their cordless miter saw and the 9Ah battery. Just want to hear all your opinions on which saw you would get. We just had the chance last week to look at them both. There are pro's and con's to both. Just want to hear everyone's feedback. Do you own one? If you bought one, which would you go with? Just curious.
  25. Dewalt -XJ Meaning?

    Hi Dewalt people, Does anyone know what the -XJ means at the end of a Dewalt model number? For example on Amazon UK the DCS331N Jigsaw is £30 cheaper than the DCS331N-XJ. Its driving me nuts trying to find out. Cheers.