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Found 6 results

  1. I am curious. Who owns an Ego snowblower? And if so what do you like and not like about it. I have one and have been using it a ton this year so just curious to see what everyone else thinks.
  2. The tools have not yet been announced but the PDF catalog has already been updated to its 2019 version. https://egopowerplus.co.uk/sites/default/files/2018-12/42788_UK_EGO Trade Bro_A4_96pp_2019_AW_LR-compressed_0.pdf Among the recent additions : New options for the multi tool system (cultivator, short hedge trimmers) Two smaller mowers adapted to small yards (46cm and a SP variant), but nothing with dual battery option yet A new blower that replaces the 5750, 5800E (probably the european version of the US model that has been released last year) A standalone trimmer (ST1530E) with more RPM (7000), less vibration and counter-clockwise rotation compared to the ST1500. (could in fact correspond to the multi-tool with trimmer attachment) A standalone trimmer with powerload head, ST1510E, no mention of a carbon fiber shaft A professional trimmer with a D grip. 12v grass shears (introduction of a new compact battery system?)
  3. Hello, I am thinking about investing in a new OPE battery platform. After having spent countless hours reading reviews, watching videos and comparing stuff, I came to the conclusion that the EGO product line would be a solid choice. If I were living in the US, I'd probably be on my way to the local DIY store to purchase the complete tool range. However, here in western Europe, EGO products are a bit harder to come by, they are a recent addition to the market and, more importantly, they are priced surprisingly high in comparison to the US. Put simply, we need to pay a lot more for less. As an example, the typical 190-200$ EGO ST-1500 trimmer would cost you about 240 EUR (~280 USD) and that's only for the bare tool without the kitted 2.5AH battery and charger. The LM2102E-SP mower with 7.5AH battery is about 950-1000 EUR, not doing the math but we understand it's a lot more than 600$, my dad paid this much for a Honda HRX mower. I have compared prices from various stores in Switzerland, France, and Germany, I checked SP-mowers, trimmers and blowers, EGO tools price tag seems to be 180% or 200% higher in Europe, except for the batteries which cost more or less the same. Granted, it's not always fair to compare prices across countries based on the currency exchange rate, but it may be legitimate to ask if EGO products can still be considered great value for money with their cost being above (or at least on par with) well-established brands such as Husqvarna, Stihl or even Makita? There is no easy answer I guess, what's your opinion on this? PS: I am not a native english speaker so please forgive eventual typos or weird grammar.
  4. Kaercher is well known for cleaning devices and pressure washers, during a visit to a local shop I noticed that they also have a battery OPE range : https://www.kaercher.com/uk/professional/park-city-solutions/leaf-blower-pack-gb-96217740.html https://www.kaercher.com/uk/professional/park-city-solutions/cs-330-bp-14421110.html https://www.kaercher.com/uk/professional/park-city-solutions/kaercher-ht-615-bp-14421130.html The battery is 50v rated, but like most of the lineup, it looks like a rebranded Ego 56v.
  5. Just saw these new 2017 tools at the Swedish EGO Power+ dealer: http://webshop.gronaverktyg.se/Meny/Nya_Produkter 2017 Swedish EGO Power+ news brochure BC3800E brush cutter PH1400E multi tool base unit STA1500E trimmer BCA1200E brush cutter HTA200E hedge trimmer PH1400E chain saw EA0900E edge cutter EP7500 extension shaft Picture unavailable
  6. EGO isn't marketed in my country Denmark. But today at the hardware store I saw a red Honda battery powered blower and immediately recognized it, and then realized it was just a rebadged EGO. It had a charged battery in it, so I tested it, but this tool blows! Honda Denmark's range of rebadged EGO products: http://hondapower.dk/produkter/have/batterimaskiner Edit: found it at Honda UK's website too: http://www.honda.co.uk/lawn-and-garden/products/cordless/overview.html Honda UK Cordless Brochure: http://www.honda.co.uk/content/dam/local/uk/brochures/lawn-garden/Cordless Brochure.pdf No battery powered lawn mowers in the rebadged range yet, but hopefully they will be added later. I'm not sure if the rabadged Honda is only marketed in countries where EGO isn't present? Has anyone seen the red Honda EGO products in other countries? HONDA HHBE81 BLOWER EGO POWER+ LB4801 480 CFM BLOWER HONDA HHHE61 HEDGE TRIMMER . EGO POWER+ HT2401 HEDGE TRIMMER HONDA HHTE38 STRING TRIMMER EGO POWER+ ST1501-S 15" STRING TRIMMER HONDA HBP20 2.0 AMP HOUR BATTERY EGO POWER+ BA1120 2.0 AMP HOUR BATTERY HONDA HBP40 4.0 AMP HOUR BATTERY EGO POWER+ BA2240 4.0 AMP HOUR BATTERY HONDA HBC550 550 WATT FAST CHARGER EGO POWER+ CH5500 RAPID CHARGER HONDA HBC210 210 WATT STANDARD CHARGER EGO POWER+ CH2100 STANDARD CHARGER
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