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Found 5 results

  1. Both programmable lights with 360 coverage, both about the same height, Milwaukee's is brighter, but there's a huge price difference ($200 or so for the DeWalt vs $599 for the Milwaukee). Is there anyone who has experience with one or both that could shed some light (clank) on how these compare?
  2. TheBlueSmartie


    I know you guys at Tools in Action like a good light system so I wanted to show you guys a company I have bought from and used their lights on a regular basis. The company name is Unilite. They are based out of England and build quality products. Today I am going to talk about the Prosafe PS-IL6R. A lot of this is copy and paste from their own site but they say it better afterall. The PS-IL6R is a powerful rechargeable inspection light that has a multitude of features. Its Samsung SMD LEDs provide 600 lumen of power that is perfectly optimized for close inspection work. In addition to this there is also a 100 Lumen torch function which provides a focused light on small and hard to reach areas. The unit is ergonomically tailored, with a well-placed moulded grip and encompasses some useful hands free options, such as its 360-degree positional magnetic hanging hook and its multi positional foldable kick stand. Charging is conducted via the DC-USB (Included) cable which connects to the rear charging point allowing for 12/24v charge, smartphone or computer charging. Super bright SMD LED The PS-IL6R is a super bright SMD LED Inspection light & IP54 fully weatherproof for all conditions. Offering superb beam clarity unrivalled performance, power & portability. DC-USB rechargeable the PS-IL6R can be used just about anywhere, anytime for any application. SMD LED’s give off a vast light spread. More energy efficient they also increase battery run times. Place your PS-IL6R anywhere anytime with this super strength magnetic hanging hook. The 100 Lumen torch head enables users to inspect closer in more confined spaces than ever before. USB charging allows for faster charging on the go, inside a vehicle or via any smartphone charger. Additional information Brand Prosafe Battery 1 x 4400 mAh USB Li-ion LED Samsung Lumens 600 Beam Distance 60m Run Time 4 hrs 30 mins IP Rating IP54 Weight 260g Height 205 mm Width 60 mm I have personally used this light for illuminating walls for painting to working on parts in the car engine. Anyone in Europe should check out this brand as most inspection lights mechanics especially use these days are by Draper. This is an alternative brand with better build quality and products. I also have the Unilite PS-P1 Pocket inspection light. I will put this up also.
  3. We are starting our member giveaways up again and we are starting it with something cool. You may have seen our post on the TIA, but if not, here is the deal. We are giving away the new Milwaukee M18 Radius Light with One-Key. One lucky winner will be able to have a cool new light for the job site. If you are not familiar with this light, you can check it out at Milwaukee Tool. So how do you win? You have to be a forum member to enter this giveaway. For this month we are letting the Crew decide which forum member wins the light. Which ever forum member has the most votes on Nov 30, wins the light. You can cast your vote two ways. Either enter your vote below to make a public vote. If you would rather hide your vote, go a head an either private message John Glassey or Mondo1310, which I would like to thank them for their help with the giveaways. Let the voting start and good luck to everyone.
  4. We're only a month away from spring down under so camping season will be here soon. Does anyone have any of the 18V Metabo LED offerings? The things I am looking to find out is the output levels/modes or any other helpful features. The Metabo website doesn't show much info for their lighting. I am particularly interested in the 18V (SLA 14.4-18 LED) inspection lamp, and whether it has multiple output levels. I very much do not want to have to buy into Milwaukee
  5. Hey all, I will post each video in oztooltalk's M12 mechanic / auto series in the thread, for those interested. The latest video will always be at the top of this post. The tools for review are: 3/8" Ratchet FUEL 3/8" Wrench (still to come) FUEL Drill (still to come) Sander / polisher Rotary Tool (still to come) Mspector camera Stick light Jobsite radio Multi-charger USB Charger And the Jobsite Radio, USB Charger and 4-Bay Sequential Charger. And now the Mspector (inspection camera) and Stick Light! Next up, the Sander / Polisher: First up, the 3/8" Ratchet!