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Found 1 result

  1. fm2176

    Ridgid Hybrid Fan

    As a brand new Ridgid cordless owner (around 20 hours as if this writing) and devoted DeWalt fan, I've got to say, I'm impressed! For those who missed my post in the "What Tools Did You Buy Today" thread in the Power Tools subforum, I've spent the past three nights in my truck due to a training event. Ah, the life of a Drill Sergeant... With plenty of batteries, I've waited patiently for the DeWalt fan for months with plans to buy one ASAP. Yesterday I left the training site resigned to settling with Ryobi. Fort Benning nights are hot and humid, and I didn't want to run the truck all night nor did I wish to sweat through my clothing and pillow again. Well, Ridgid had a promotion and some leftover BOGO battery packs, so here I am with two of the Ridgid fans powered by 4.0Ah batteries. I can sum these up with one word: AWESOME! I used one for about 30 minutes yesterday to show off Drill Sergeant FM's latest cordless gadget. After all, I'm the guy with the brightest lights (thanks to DeWalt, though Milwaukee and now Ridgid lighting may be in my future), an ability to repair almost anything, and who uses the most fun/least practical approach for certain things (a cordless grinder or reciprocating saw on a lock may take longer than bolt cutters, but put son a better show). I then proceeded to relax in my truck starting around 10pm, turning both fans on at about 1/4 to 1/3 speed. The low setting seems all but useless. Waking up a few times I checked the battery life, and they were still at 4 bars around 1am. Now, seven hours later both are still rocking at 3 bars. Not bad. I haven't dealt with the LSA registration yet, have no idea how these will fare long-term, and have never owned any other Ridgid cordless device. Based on first impression, though, wow! Anyway, time to inventory weapons and equipment.