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Black & Decker Drill Sharpener

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The long-forgotten B&D "Professional" Drill Sharpener Model No. 4300 was given to me free in the early 1980's by a friend and I'm just now starting to use it.


This is actually a good functioning shop asset to have but I noticed a problem right away, the grinding dust is terrible. It's critical that the sliding-swinging-pivoting mechanism work as designed and with this much dust it won't for very long. So you can see in the pics how I grafted a ShopVac hose connection into the grinding wheel's cover plate and both the sharpener and the ShopVac stay plugged into the powerstrip with both "on" all the time and everything is mounted to that ugly-colored piece of wood which I simply quick-clamp to my welding table. Turn on the powerstrip and go, wow, what an improvement.


These sharpeners are not very common and it seems a lot of people have come across them with the bit locator missing. The tool is absolutely useless without it. I could help out a fellow site member with a replacement one which would be a machined copy of the oem piece I make myself 'cuz I wanna be helpful, sure, why not? Thanks for viewing my first topic.


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I recently acquired a 4300 drill bit Sharpener.  It was never used but would not start. I took it apart and the switch was not working.  I bypassed the switch for testing and it worked. Need some help putting it back together.  Both halves have parts that separated when I took apart. Are there any videos or diagrams out there. Thanks.





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Check eplacementparts.com, it’s a long shot but if they have the tool on there they’ll have an exploded view

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