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so I'm talkin to a guy I know about what I was working on, with the stone wall,ledgestone ect ect.....he says have you bought it yet?, I say no not yet.....he says he knows a guy that just finished building a house that has a bunch in his garage and was talking about selling it. I got his number......retailed for $32 a square foot buddy had just over 125 sqft. says give me $300.........umm duh, couldn't pay for it fast enough. get it home and really don't care for the light grey redish colours so I took my trusty flat black spray paint out. and well it turned out to look exactly like the black ones in the store.....


first thing  I made a border for a guide then added extra drywall screws for the added weight....

got a good start today, painted about 40 pieces and installed a few on the wall.....








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All trimmed out and finished....


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Ah you went with the full coverage on the brick. Sounded almost as if you were just going to give it more of a light coat of paint or something. Looks nice.

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ya wife didn't like the rusty look from the grey and rust combo so it was only fitting to go completely black. the livingroom colours will be in the grey/dark silver family when complete so it will all tie in together. here is the next livingroom project. 

 We wanted to add some build-ins, our livingroom is 14ft x 19.5 so we can afford to lose approx. 12 to 14 inches off one end for build-ins. It will still be 14ft x 18ish ft. while thinking of different ways to do this we were inspired by the new remake of Magnum PI there was a scene where a lady is sitting at here desk and the build-ins were behind her. My wife caught this and wanted a closer look. so I figured to lay it out to see how it would look. I would be building a 14ish by 14ish square near end of wall I would be clading it with ledgestone the same as the media wall kinda like they have with stone. However because of the nature of the square I don't want people think it is a chimney going up that wall so unlike the TV show scene I will be cladding the square but will incorperate 6 shelfs part way up from floor and part way down from ceiling. They have a sliding ladder which we will not include, I will build the framing and drywall it all and then wood shelves between the frames kinda like they have. the yellow is just my lay-out for measurements to make sure everything will fit properly.



build in1.png

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