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My Experience With LSA Registration

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Simply put: wonderful!


I registered my fans, starter kit, and two 4.0Ah batteries (the latter don't qualify for the LSA) on Sunday.  They were purchased a month ago and I have yet to register the latest purchases (router, ROS, and another starter kit).  I just noticed that the registrations were approved, which is in stark contrast with what I expected, after reading about so many bad experiences.


I think that many rejected registrations may be due to spontaneous registrations--buy the tool, rush home to register it (or do so in the parking lot via smartphone), forget about it until you get notice that it was rejected.  If that is the case, waiting a month allows plenty of time for the purchase to be accounted for.  Home Depot and Ridgid can verify the receipt number more easily since the purchase was made weeks ago, as opposed to mere hours.


Anyone else have a positive experience with the LSA?  Anyone care to share a negative one?

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I registered a compressor, vacuum, orbital sander, trim router, 2 starter kits, and 2 more batteries since the above post, all with no issue.  These were registered about two months after purchase.  So far so good with the LSA registration experience!

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