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I take it my rail is out of square?

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I have gotten into the habit of squaring up full sheets of plywood with the track saw.

so I spent quite awhile trying to square up a piece of plywood with my track saw to get it ready to break down and it has been difficult to square for whatever reason. I didn't have issues on any other pieces that I can remember. Now I'm worried that the pieces I cut from other pieces of plywood are off too. I check with my combo square on the new piece which I have calibrated for square many times on an edge cut by a Festool track. I also measure if parallel sides are equal in length. It seems like if I want the side square it will throw off the measurements for the parallel sides but if I want equal sides it throws off my square which doesn't make sense. I'm not real experienced yet with squaring things up but I think I may have found out part of the issue. As you can see in the picture my square shows the rail to not be square. I would expect the track to be square. I checked my festool track and it is square.



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Wouldn't it only matter if the track is straight? Measuring your diagonals is a better way to check for square. Checking for parallel only tells you if the sides are parallel. 

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