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Hi I am new here but not to tools. Lol

i have been using them longer than I can remember. Maybe that's cause I am old or had too much fun when I was younger, but anyway I do not think a day has gone by that I have not worked on something. 

I run a maintenance dept for a company I believe just about everyone has heard of. They are known by just two letters and many slogans. I am in charge of 1millon

sq ft of building and about 100 lifts along with golf carts to cameras and even lighting and IT.  You could say the 3 other guys in my dept and myself do it all. 

Anyway I love tools and love to use them. I have collected some from almost every line of work and daily use some that are older than myself. 

I look forward to seeing and finding out about tools I have never seen or hated about.  



Thank you 

Jt wrenches. 

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Welcome to the forum.  That's a huge building.  Bet you have seen just about everything when dealing with a building like that.

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Big building I am the maintenance supervisor at a old 100k sqft 5 story long term care hospital I feel your pain being responsible for everything

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