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Greenworks tools: the clone wars?

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As a consequence of multiple brands being owned by the same companies or manufactured in the same factories, it has become quite common to find tools from different brands sharing the same look and technical specs, differing only on their colors (or only on the printed logo in some cases). Nevertheless, the case of Greenworks sounds a bit extreme to me. Almost every 80v/82v battery system you can find on google can be reasonably suspected to be a Greenworks clone. Just to name a few :


  • Stiga (80v)
  • Kobalt  (80v)
  • Alpina (80v)
  • Gardol (80v, 60v, possibly 40v)
  • Miogarden (80v)
  • Powerworks (82v, 60v)
  • Cramer (82v)
  • Craftsman (40v, unconfirmed)
  • Mountfield (80v)
  • Snapper (80v, 60v)
  • Atco (80v)


Some only have the mower and blower, while some seem to offer the complete line, including a few unique variants.  Can we really trust products that are available under 5 different names in a same country? 




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