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DeWalt 040 battery light failure

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The DeWalt 040 20v light worked great for about 5 years, 1200 hours of use.   There is a 3 year limited warranty.  It failed by blinking rapidly using  different batteries that were either fully charged or partially charged.  No amount of on-off or battery change would stop the strobe like blinking.   However, I like the light so I bought another one.


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I've had one of these for nearly three years, and accumulated two more since then.  One had a similar issue, though not as terminal in nature.  It would sometimes blink when jostled.  I gave it to my brother and since it was fortunately still under warranty he simply had it replaced.


While LED work lights are much nicer than their incandescent predecessors, but one frustrating thing is that most of them are designed to be unserviceable by the end user.  Ten years ago, the bulky and awkward (by modern standards) work lights merely required a spare bulb or two.  Now, with all the electronics and permanent LEDs, they seem to have a bit less durability in many cases (I'm talking about regular kit-style work lights, not the more specialized and toughened special models).


Regardless, I hope you're continuing to enjoy your light, and that you have no issues with the new one. 

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