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HI All :)


I work in the concrete industry doing repair work.......

Spend allot of time servicing two strokes and trying to get them to run properly and stand up to the absolute flogging they get on the field.


Has anyone had experience with the newer Husqvarna K970/k1270 ring saw hand saw equipment?


Issues i keep getting is:


:hard if not impossible to start when hot

Iddle issues


Seems they are running lean maybe (they do work hard but also dont mind going through piston/cylinders also (fuel mixture is correct - running 25:1)

Have tried tunning on the high and lows etc......


Anyone had experience with these?



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Welcome to the forum and the crew.  Not familiar with that tool, no experience.  I would put a post in the OPE section and you might have better luck with people getting back to you.

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