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New Bosch GAS20-17AH 300-CFM Dust Extractor

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I don't know if this is new or not but looks like Bosch has entered the 300 CFM dust extractor territory. Trying to give Hilti a run for their money. I don't know of anyone else with 300 or more CFM for a dust extractor. Bosch claims they can run 2 tools on one vac. To keep OSHA compliant it would depend on the size of tool. 2 small grinders might keep compliance but 2 large grinders maybe wont.

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Great dust extractor. Made by Karcher, same vacuum as the Hilti as Karcher makes it for them too.

Model: GAS20-17AH

Price: US- $1,499 / Canada- $1,949
(about $150.less than the 300cfm Hilti)

Availability: Now


300-CFM air-flow capability

HEPA filter – captures 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns or larger

16 Ft. anti-static hose

Powerful 17.5 Amp motor

27 Ft. power cord with standard 20 Amp plug

Automatic filter cleaning – cleans filter every 15 seconds for consistent suction power

Three-layer heavy-duty filter bag
Wheeled metal frame with dumping mechanism – offers easy transporting, stability and emptying convenience

Metal castors – built to withstand the demands of the jobsite

Fold down push handle – provides jobsite mobility and convenient storage

Water-level sensor to help preclude overfilling and a discharge hose for easy drainage.

Optional Y-Connect (sold separately)2023468846b638175ac5a98d39d348b0.jpg9e61b2e9077d554af319465c3a2fc47c.jpgce21bac8434a7c4dd95aa6f88ff544ce.jpg459e4040b0c12a686be697fcac6be361.jpg345b2c304d8313cf4f50b35312de559a.jpga6f6a8fe6273a06ae7c81fdf76ddebbf.jpg40a9b4f45d0185c8f7791c833ba1f4b3.jpgb96f53a92be1e6781134ee23e2d7ae6e.jpg1ec3c5e095a55e2ef1f883c317c7c62d.jpg

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