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Buying Auto Parts from Amazon

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Kind of a funny story (but not to me!)  I needed to do a front brake job on my old 95 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel.  There aren't many auto parts stores near me, so having an Amazon Prime account, I thought I'd give it a try.


I ordered 2 front rotors, pad set, 2 front wheel bearings and a few more things I needed for the job.  Everything was in stock -- all of it ordered  under Prime -- free two day shipping when it ships (kind a a "gotcha" because  while it's still free shipping, the two days only start when Amazon or the seller decide to ship it.)


So, I start seeing "your  xxx has shipped" appearing on my account and emails.  Then I noticed they only shipped one rotor!  So I checked that rotor part and it still showed in stock on Amazon.  Okay, time for a chat with Amazon.  See attachment amazon1.pdf (sorry it's rather long.)


I received the one rotor about an hour later, so I put in a return on it and cancelled the other rotor.  I ordered two more (different brand) rotors and I'm due to get them Friday, so OK, I'm a little less pissed-off.  But guess what?  I checked the status of the wheel bearing, and they only shipped one -- the other being "delayed", even though it still shows it's in stock!


I cancelled my Prime and Kindle Unlimited.


Anyone know of a good online auto parts store?


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I don't know about now, but I used to always hear good things about Rock Auto.  Also, the major chains usually have good discounts on online orders.  I've gotten to the point where I order online for in-store pickup, since they seem to reward such actions with 15%-25% discounts (not to mention the lines often suck in-store).

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