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wingless' Bosch GMS 120 Wall Scanner (Stud Sensor and Much More)

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Bosch GMS 120 Wall Scanner


My decades-old Zircon Stud Sensor still works fine, but the homes I work on now have metal studs. The Zircon electronic stud finder does not locate those new-fangled metal studs, instead looking for REAL studs, made from wood. The Zircon Stud Sensor is an edge finder dielectric constant capacitor detector, using a single sensor. The usage is simple, with a linear LED display.


A Bosch GMS 120 Wall Scanner was selected and purchased to permit detection of metal studs. It does that and more. This is a center finder dielectric constant capacitor detector, using a pair of sensors. When the sensor measurements match, the center of the stud has been located.


In stud detection mode, the Bosch GMS 120 Wall Scanner detects: wood studs; magnetic metal and non-magnetic metal. In metal detection mode the wall scanner locates: nails; rebar or screws. The wall scanner has a live wire detection mode to locate wires carrying 110-220 VAC voltage.


The Bosch GMS 120 Wall Scanner has a red / green illuminated ring around a cylindrical pencil-marking hole. There is a LCD display and tones, with a myriad of symbols that mean success, when properly decoded. 


The tool has a back lighting on / off push button for the display. That was very handy during my last usage.


It is a little complex, but once experience is attained, it is a good / useful tool.


Now I can locate metal studs!


This has a nice pouch for storage / usage protection w/ Velcro flap and Velcro belt loop. It is powered by a single 9V battery. There is an included tether strap.


















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