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wingless' Ryobi RTS10G 10" 15A Table Saw

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Ryobi RTS10G 10" 15A Table Saw


The motor on my 30-year old Shopcraft T6780-21P 10" table saw suddenly gave up the ghost. This was an excellent and complete tool, w/ all the guards, guides and a nice cast / machined aluminum deck, plus a custom / portable stand. It wasn't the switch or the brushes, both tested great, the motor is gone.


A replacement saw was sought that wouldn't break the bank. This lightly used Ryobi RTS10G was discovered (10 minutes after it was posted). I scooped it up.


My replacement saw needed to be complete. I am sharing this tool with my daughter, so I wanted / needed one with all the guards. That requirement eliminated many of the used tools.


This saw has lots of nice features. All of the setup changes (except blade swap) may be performed tool-free. The blade guard and the anti-kickback pawls may be detached / replaced w/o tools. The riving knife may be extended / retracted tool-free. The throat plate is removed / replaced w/o tools. The push stick has an integrated mount at the side of bed. The stand is very sturdy and detaches easily when required w/ four corner screws.


This saw has a formed / welded steel table. The surface is not flat and instead has curved contours from the forming operations. IMO, that is the biggest detraction from the saw. We'll see how this deficiency portends over my long-term usage of the saw.



















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How do you like this saw. Have you gotten a chance to try out the curved table yet?

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What kind of blade do you have on there, that isn’t stock is it?

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There have been some general (non-precision) cuts made with the saw. My expectation is that larger sections will contact the various high spots to permit a decent cut and that cutting smaller pieces will have greater difficulty remaining true.


This used saw did not come with the general-purpose blade and instead came with the plywood blade shown. I already have a decent selection of blades for various applications.

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