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Anyone noticed this before with their Milwaukee M12 ratchet? Just to show that when I hold the socket in my hand or on a very loose bolt the socket wont turn, if I try it free load it works and also works when on a tight bolt, nut etc. I verified the Pawl and gear all looks ok. I'm not sure whats up 

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I had the same issue with my m12 3/8" non fuel ratchet.  It seems like there were some youtube videos and forum topics about it.  If I remember right it was supposed to be a cheap easy fix but I just sent mine into milwaukees e-service and they sent me a brand new one.  Its not a tool I use on a regular basis so it wasn't a big deal sending it in but I also hadn't hardly used it enough to break it either.  I also thought the fuel version was supposed to have a beefed up head that could take more torque without breaking though.

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