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New guy looking for advice on power washers and other cleaning tools.

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Just introducing myself.


New guy from pacific north west with about 20 years experience working in the trades. I've been a cable guy, Garage door service technician, and Alarm installer among a few other things over the years. I joined this forum to both give and receive advice on tools with like minded blue collar individuals with tons of real world experience actually using commercial grade tools. 


I'm considering starting a part time seasonal external home cleaning and power washing business to supplement my income, and am looking for advice on some thing in regards to tools of the trade like pressure washers, squeegees, detergents and other products. I do have experience in this type of work, but it was about 20 years ago, and I'm no longer in contact with the guy I used to work for. 


Any advice would be appreciated  

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Buy once, cry once.

Buy a bigger machine than you need. For most tasks, 4000 psi is plenty.

You won’t save any money buying too small and then having to upgrade.

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