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How to price furniture plans?

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This past week I was contacted by a guy who had interest in one of my plans. That got me thinking.


Is selling my plans worth it? and if it is how do I go about pricing the plans? Are the plans even worth charging $5-$20 for? If I use a program other than Sketchup are people even going to consider downloading the plans?


I am more interested in selling the plans than selling the furniture itself. I had some interest already in getting a website for my new business (going to start lawn care in the spring) and thought I could include my furniture design there as well.  If it allows me to break even with the website that I was planning to get, might not be a bad option just to keep my name out there.

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Plans are an easy sell. They are a do once and can continue to profit.

As far as pricing that is up to what you want. Do you want to sell 10 plans at $20 or 20 plans at $10? I am more apt to place a cheap plan in my cart or multiple as opposed to buying a high prices plan. If you look around at a lot of YouTube maker plans they range from free to $20. The more popular plans like Jay Bates workbench and miter station are $20 but diy Tyler's miter station is $5 or $10. I can't remember but I had bought it.

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